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Trudi Pavlovsky


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I’ve previously mentioned I've been doing promo work lately and shopping centres.

I have loved being the elf that looks after Santa as he walks around the shops, or the elf helping kids make Christmas craft!

There’s something I’ve noticed as Christmas gets closer and more fun installations are happening for families to enjoy.

I needed a stock photo of the elf on the shelf for my company’s blog…well, there are basically ZERO options for this…so I made my own, with my own elves!  Using my brand new (had it for 3 hours!) Sigma 18-35 1.8 lens, natural light, an antique bench and a piece of white poster board hanging off the back of my couch, I was able to capture “Randy” and “Gary” the elves perfectly for a blog image.I hope that you’ll use Randy and Gary as a pic for your blog too!  Enjoy!
Photographer: erin mckenna | Source: Unsplash

It’s is how much the adults use their children to be able to engage in the fun play activities.

Recently I was at Forest Hill Chase and there were lots of giveaways and fun things set up to celebrate their centre birthday.

The parents, just as much as the kids wanted rainbow sprinkles on the free frozen yogurt.

Their smiles were bigger than their childrens when receiving their serve.

The parents, just as much as the kids enjoyed the free donuts and popcorn.

A few parents gave themselves permission to go all in and have their faces painted but there seems to be an unwritten rule that it’s a no, no.

Why cant an adult have a unicorn on the side of their face?

Who decided kids only?

I really noticed it working on the free solar panel fan stand. The adults wanted the free build kit just as much as the kids.

They wanted to be able to play and have fun but they hesitated to ask.

And when I work with people one of the things I’ve noticed is that everyone gets to a point in life where they stop having fun.

When we re-engage with our sense of play and out childlike wonder at the world life shifts.

Our creativity and imagination re-engages and energy levels lift.

It’s no secret this year not 2019 my personal life was a mess a mess.

It reflected in my results across the board.

And talking to a mentor about the last couple of years he said to me it’s no wonder your ex doesn’t want to work things out you’re no fun.

It was confronting to hear but I had to except the truth.

My mentor, having known me for 10 years had seen me go from fun and excited and playful about my business to somebody who was so serious and focused on her personal and professional development there was no play and fun and excitement left in her life.

She got serious and boring!

The most popular photo I uploaded to Unsplash what I had never expected. Maybe it is because it somehow deals critically with digitalization and us starring on screens? Actually it was a very unplanned and spontaneous snapshot nd never planned to be everywhere around the internet.
Photographer: niklas_hamann | Source: Unsplash

Does this sound like you?

Super stressed all the time, always worried about what could possibly happen even when the chances of it happening a really slim…

Always tired and working non-stop, due to worry an opportunity might get missed if you don’t?

I don’t care where you’re at in your business: startup, six figures, seven figures…… just STOP WHAT YOURE DOING.

Put down the marketing piece that you’re working on or the business plan or the worry about where your next client is coming from or how are you going to pay the next lot of bills.

Go and be playful.

If you have kids go and grab their toys and play like a child.

Play Barbies, get the racing cars out race them around the house, go and blow bubbles: just DO SOMETHING to get out of your consequence biased, grown-up, adult worried mind.

Photographer: Tanaphong Toochinda | Source: Unsplash

Go play have fun remember who you were before you lifted the weight of the world on your shoulders.

You were born to live, not to die a slow death in every moment.

And come and join my FB group! Simplified Happiness so you can be reminded how much fun it is to play and feel good.