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Trudi Pavlovsky

Shame or Creativity: You Decide

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I want to shift a perception and say good bye to shame.

It’s something that's talked about in hushed tones in Facebook groups, rarely mentioned on personal profiles on Facebook, and it’s not something that you see pictures posted about on Instagram....

The clearer picture
Photographer: timJ | Source: Unsplash

What am I talking about?

Women who have a business who are also doing other work.

There’s this unspoken shame around someone having a business that isn’t bringing in a full-time income and it seems to be women that have the issue.

Let me explain.

I recently decided to go back and do some promo and modelling work. TBH at 45 the modelling work has been a bit of a nice surprise.

SANTA TIME! And yes that's me as the elf.

I was feeling super stale in my business.

Even I felt a little bit of shame about looking for additional income activities as my current business felt forced and I wasn’t nailing my offers.

I felt disconnected in it and I was just sitting there staring at the computer doing my own head in.

So instead of getting all stressed about it (and we all know that when you go into the space of forced, push energy you get poor results) I decided to do something else and it was the best decision I made.

Doing the promo work gave me space.

Space to review and look at my business with fresh eyes.

I’d remove the financial pressure of having to force offers out into the world.

I was able to relax into who I am and what I really want to achieve in my life by even having a business.

Sometimes doing promo work, you have lulls and I day dreamed.

About my 2020, what I desired, how it could look and what it all meant to me.

Having a break from your business, having a second job, or you know, not making heaps of cash all of the time, you don’t need to be ashamed about that.

Getting some “fun” extra work that you go and do and then leave behind when your shift is done is just what your brain needs to relax so it can open up creative avenues of thinking.

Also, it allows partners and families to feel secure in cash flow.

They don’t always get what drives us to continue to do our work even in the challenging times.

Photographer: Ryan Moreno | Source: Unsplash


I’ve made oodles of cash doing promo and with no surprise at all, I’ve also signed up new coaching clients, and also am designing a quiz for an opt-in for a wonderful ladies business.

Sometimes stepping aside and removing the pressure is exactly what you need to do to be able to regroup and re-plot your success path forward.

There’s never any need to feel ashamed about doing what it takes for you to make money and be happy.

I couldn’t resist photographing this, during a visit to Florence Italy.  It makes me feel happy whenever I look at it.  Great to start the day with a smile and cheeky wink.
Photographer: Belinda Fewings | Source: Unsplash

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