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Trudi Pavlovsky

Facebooks Groups: Are they selling a sense of false security for start-up biz owners?

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I did something last week that many would consider outrageous.

Nope I didn't cut all my hair off or give my cats away....

I did something that left many gob-smacked, others in awe or thinking that maybe I had dropped my bundle and a few that were a little envious of my gumption.

I stopped posting in Facebook groups except for my own.

I know that many people post in Facebook groups to find clients. I wanted to test how not posting in anyone’s groups would impact my business.

To be honest I think there was a minimal impact.

Sure, I missed some offer days but what I noticed was this.

• My views on my Facebook live on both my business pages increased.

• I have lady to talk to about coaching because I went to a live event.

• I got on the phone and started calling former clients to check-in with instead

And the outcomes were super positive.

Especially getting on the phone to call people. They were pleasantly surprised to hear from a human. (please stop telling yourself rejection stories and start telling yourself people are happy to hear from you stories and get calling people)

Because with our only posting in Facebook groups something has happened.

There’s a drop-in the feelings of connection between people.

Technology has put a space between us as living human beings and it has never been more noticeable.

Can you feel my heart robot? With out ripping it out of my chest?

In fact, many women I’m speaking to now are making the decision to spend less time in Facebook groups.

It's actually EXHAUSTING.

For me my personal takeaway is there’s been an increase in my confidence, even more so to share my message to a wider audience.

We get told to post in lots and lots of groups to get known and to sell $97 offers. This is not the way to grow a lasting sustainable business.

Being active in two or three Facebook groups will stay as PART of my strategy but anyone who tells you it’s the only strategy you need, has an ulterior motive.

Stop relying only on groups for leads. Stop hiding in Facebook groups.

I realised that I too have been hiding in the safety of Facebook groups because:

• My ex couldn’t see me.

• My family couldn’t judge me.

• People that had hurt me in the past couldn’t hurt me again.

Because they couldn’t see me.

I also know that as I step into a leadership role within the This Chick Means Business agency as well as on my personal page, my ability to share my message outwards to a wider audience will be the difference between a small impact and a global impact.

The World is a real place....

What’s your plan when it comes to social media?

Are you playing it safe?

Are you hiding in groups?

Do you hesitate when it comes to speaking your truth on your business page because you’re scared of repercussions? (these can be from friends, family or strangers)

If your message is bigger than you and you’re ready to start sharing it, register for my 5 day challenge “Step Up and be Visible”

Over five days I will take you through a process to:

• Release fear,

• Own your message

• Start showing up to a wider audience.

How can you get out of start-up and into a serious growth phase when you're playing small?

You owe it to yourself and the future clients that are waiting to find you to play a bigger game.

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See you on the 8th of October when the challenge goes live.

Trudi Pavlovsky

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