written by
Trudi Pavlovsky

How many times a day do you tell everyone how fabulous you are?

Mindset Business Growth Phase 3 min read

Soooo, how many times?

I was sitting down, thinking about my client results, and realised I hadn't been sharing them much. Here and there but not yelling them out proudly from the roof tops for EVERYONE to hear.

I am the pot of gold for 2019!

And they are totally worth sharing. Things like this:

  • One client closed a 7.5k sale for the first time.
  • Another client has increased her sales by 500% in three months of us starting to work together.
  • One client, after a weekend at my place, being coached, mentored and supported to go bigger, closed a 3k deal on a brand new offer.

And that's my business coaching clients.

My Embrace Programme, two weeks in, and already the breakthroughs have started.

  • Accepting gigs that previously would have been pushed away.
  • Wearing the dress and lipstick and finding magic in reconnecting with the body.
  • Making the decision that average was simply no longer acceptable and showing up more online.


I'm really good at what I do and I'll tell people that, but not often the results.

I explored in my heart for what was holding me back.

  • Was it worry that if I "bragged" I would get shot down.
  • That the results were not typical and I might not help others do the same.
  • People wouldn't believe me.
  • I would make other coaches feel bad.

Nope none of that. I've done enough of my own personal development for professional outcomes for it to be none of those things.

And you know what I realised?

HABBIT. 🤷‍♀️

See what I did there?


It's not the done thing by many women in business.

I was so used to being "nice" it wasn't showing up as something I should do.

Ive done the inner work around hiding so I am quite comfortable sharing online.

Except I was "forgetting" to share my concrete results.

Weird right?

Well it's actually a brain and nervous system response but that topic is for another day.

Let's focus on this.

It's considered bragging, you risk no longer being a part of the group if you shine too brightly, it's considered "icky" or tall poppy syndrome comes into play, when you crow on about how good you are.

There's risk. Or is there?

If you're not demonstrating outcomes to people, how many people are you not being able to serve?

Most likely a lot.

The risk is being unable to make a better income.

It's a false modesty that is ingrained in many of us.

Are you wearing the good girl mask with out even knowing?

I've decided that I am even more committed to showcasing myself going into 2019. It's not bragging if it is the truth.


It's called sharing results, getting the recognition that you deserve for your work and owning your space as an Authority.

So ladies, take out the glitter, roll yourself in its sparkle and start telling everyone about your amazing results.

Do the math.

Get to sharing percentage increases, ROI, look at your data and show us how much you rock.

2019 is waiting for you to own your sparkle!

Stand out you super, amazing woman!

If you want to know more about my programme for emerging leaders, the link is below.

What you get from Embracing, is the ability to reconnect to the side of you that you have been taught to hide from the world, especially as young girls, as we have been taught because good girls don't speak up, stand out, be proud.

We are shown to be humble, kind, put others feelings first.

It's time now to put YOU first!

If you are serious about growing your business, you need to let that stuff go.

Embrace will show you how.

Click here for more information: https://trudibizchick.kartra.com/page/Embrace