written by
Trudi Pavlovsky

A Year Of Evolution (AKA 2019 will RAAAAWK)

Business Mindset Growth Phase 6 min read

It's been a massive year of evolution, changing the business model, going back to the things that I always wanted to do, and reconnecting with my sense of self.

And my purpose of working this year on healing the god wound, the masculine wound, and work with my inner child. All this so my professional life can thrive again.

I've always had it, the core of all of the work that I do, whether it's business coaching, or personal development is to serve my clients (and the majority of them are women) to live a life on purpose. A life aligned to their values, a life that, when they wake up in the morning, they feel 100% fulfilled.

They're jumping out of bed excited and going for what they truly want in life and they are doing it: now!

I've probably had some roundabout ways of getting here to my own happy biz/life space.

I've been pigeon holed into being a business strategist. And I've said for so many years I’m a reluctant business strategist.

But that's not all I want to be.

It's ok to go huh? What now?

But I went with it, because it gave me the ability to empower women. And for those women that have worked with me, I'm guessing most of them will be able to vouch for me when I say yes, I taught the strategies but more importantly, I created a space for them to be able to grow into this vision that they had for their business.

Supported them to develop their self of sense worth, their confidence to expand on their pricing, showing up more powerfully online as their self-worth to be themselves grew.

And if something didn't work, to not have to feel that they had to follow the whole system that everyone said, you have to do to be successful.

  • I've always given people the space to dream and imagine and go off whatever it is that they want.
  • I've never told them no, you can't do that. I've only said “how can we make that happen?”
  • I can see the big picture and I can see the vision. I have a talent of being able to reverse engineer to be able to help people sort out steps new.
  • Somebody said to me once that, my strategy in my life and my business stuff seemed to be hopping along and not stable.

And it was because I wasn't living to purpose, I wasn't aligning myself to my values, which is why I'm offering Embrace, for example, to compliment the strategy and straight out business coaching work I do.

It all starts with the inner game. And for a little while, I was so focused on the outer game, the strategy I lost sight of who I was in my business.

And, you know, being a good client doing what I was told, and attempting to push myself into this space that wasn't mine, the inner game work stopped.

Now, for those that have been following my Facebook page or friends with me on Facebook, you will have seen that there's been a massive difference this year, I left the bulk of the Facebook groups that I was in, because that was an inward facing energy.

How am I going to be able to impact 100,000 women in 10 years, if I'm only showing up to the same people every day in the Facebook group?

Where I'm holding back and hiding and playing small?

If your dreams seem easy, you need to dream bigger right?

Short answer is I'm not.

I'm not going to be able to live to purpose, I'm not going to be able to fulfil the dreams and visions that I had in my childhood.

This is why I created Embrace because so much of where I was, was because of what happened growing up.

Now, I've worked with a lot of coaches, we all understand the stages of development where your values are formed, where you beliefs start, where your identity forms. How it all develops, and gets put together the that isn't always right for now, but seemed right at the time.

Those beliefs formed in childhood, that create patterns of behaviour that don’t end up serving our highest and best self in the present.

Because when these unconscious patterns are allowed to just keep playing out and showing up and playing out unchecked we’re unhappy.

And this is why Shadow Work is so important, because we look at the things that we deny our expression of, we stuff down and back inside ourselves like there is something to be ashamed of that (they're not )I'm tired of feeling bad.

In high school when I won awards for acting, girls in high school criticized, made fun of me, questioned the validity of me as actually deserving of that award. Because they didn't see everything that I put in behind the scenes. They were also jealous because when this shit comes up, and you look at how people respond to you, it's never really about you.

It's all about what goes on inside of them.

We take it on board energetically, we hold it, we end up sad and we end up searching and never really finding true deep in a happiness because half of ourselves is hidden and push back and repressed.

As I sit here contemplating my own patterns and my own beliefs and my own experiences, I've had to make the decision that somehow any lingering doubts about myself need to go.

  • I need to bring myself back to cause, own myself, my behaviour, own my reactions and set new pathways moving forward.
  • I have to believe that I am safe and everything around me demonstrates that I am perfectly safe.
  • I am allowed to have the money for me to do the things that I want to do in 2019 and beyond. The money is not a wish, a hope, it's coming because this is what I need to be able to make the impact that I truly 100% believe that I'm here to make.

Yes, there's been some false starts.

Stop looking, I'M HERE TO HELP YOU!

Restart time starts now. We all have glitches, false starts, resets, it's being human.

It's working through our shit because it's shit, it's bullshit we once believed and now that belief system no longer makes sense.

At one point in our life, it did keep us safe, did protect us even though now it might seem it was in a weird and fucked up kind of way, that it did that so.

What's your bs, bullshit/belief systems, what needs to change in your life, because this is a call to action: this is a call to arms.

This is a call to you to decide that no matter what you are worthy of the dreams that you have, that vision that calls you, whatever it is, however you want to show up and however you want to serve: you're allowed.

  • You're allowed to be healthy
  • You're allowed to be wealthy
  • You're allowed to be strong
  • You're allowed to demonstrate emotions, feelings, whatever it is that gives you that moment of truth
  • True fulfilment- you are allowed.

Join me for Embrace.

I know I said the doors closed but I can’t let this go.

You are ready to Embrace. Click the link and sign and join: https://trudibizchick.kartra.com/page/EmbraceYourShadow

This is important.

It’s time that you search your heart and say now is the time. You're the one that has to make the decision, you now have the choice.