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How to Wake Up Happy!

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The secret is in the preparation the night before.

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The secret is in the preparation the night before.

Now, we have a lot going on in the world. Pretty big things happening.

Many are waking up feeling a sense of weight, heaviness, dread, all of the bad shit, right.

Today I’m going to give you some tips and tricks for waking up happy in the morning.

And it actually all starts with how you go the night before.

Now a lot of people tend to spend a lot of time on the screens, reading and reviewing everything that’s going on and that can be mentally and emotionally which makes it physically draining, right.

As I said in a previously, use discernment with how much you are reading, get the knowledge that you need, but limit your screen time absorbing all of the negative.

So here’s some things you can do the night before.

One: Journal to clear out your day. Write it out and review what it says. As you have a look at it, explore how you were feeling, what was triggering you, bothering you and decide what you will do differently next time.

When journaling, you want to start asking yourself questions that allow you to feel good about the day.

A question I often ask myself is “how can it get better than this?” This is effective because it has the presupposition in the language that it’s already pretty good. Let’s make it even better.

Start programming your unconscious mind before you go to sleep to start looking for the good things and affirming the belief that it gets to be more the next day.

Two: setting an intention.

Set your intention the night before on how you want your day to look the next day. Let your unconscious mind start pulling all of that together for you while you sleep.

Now for those of you that follow my work, you’ll know that I get super inspired in my dreams.

And in that moment when I’m first waking up, it’s like the conscious mind, the ego hasn’t had time to set up its negative chatter.

Photographer: Jeremy Yap | Source: Unsplash

That’s why in those moments in the morning, I can really connect into my heart and connect into my intuition and my truth.

But that’s because I’ve set it up the night before to create that space. Now, there’s another thing that you can do as well.

We’ve got the journaling to clear out the old stale energy of the day that was.

We’ve got the intention setting for the next day.

There are things like turning your screens off at seven o’clock at night, all of the boring practical stuff, that can be done.

You may not have noticed that I am off the screens by 7pm each night and the quality of my sleep has improved.

I’ve also been doing some beautiful, gentle stretching and meditations of an evening, just to clear out the brain fog and the stress of the day.

But there’s another really cool thing that you can do.

Three: Rewind your day.

Sit there and rewind your day in your mind. From where ends back to the start of the day, rewind it in your minds vision, which allows you to let the day go.

Right? It sounds weird. I can’t give you the science behind it. But do that as well. It’s a way to release the day.

It allows you to feel for the lessons but it also allows you to shake it off and let it go.

There’s a couple of tips for you, general to clear the day, rewind the day each evening in your mind, and step in your head, turn your screens off, set the intention.

And I’ve got a little note here. Be really clear on your desires for the next day.

What is it that you desire? Not what you need, what not you’re desperately fearfully hanging on to because that kicks in the law of repulsion.

What do you desire and require for you to live in your highest and best? To show up in service and generate love and care and kindness out in the world and raise the vibration of the planet?

Which I would say for most of my friends, is what we’re pretty much all aiming for.

Let me know your thoughts.

Love Trudi

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