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Maybe this is why you're stressed?

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It’s a chilly morning in Australia and today I wanted to talk about stress.

Maybe your stress isn’t because of external factors like work or the kids, but maybe you're stressed because you are not actually honouring your values in your life.

Hey Trudi what’s values? Values are principles and standards of behavior.

They're developed as we are growing up as children.

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We know golden values such as trust, respect and love, and if you've been around me for a little while, you'll also know there's the shadow values: attention, belonging, control, superiority, rebelliousness, money, sexuality, validation, superiority and rebelliousness.

This really resonated with me today, this quote that I've shared, and I don't know who it's from. “All stress arises when you depart from the basic virtues and values in which you believe”

So this is why it feels really important for us to stop and examine, are we living our best life?

Are we living life to what we hold true and important?

Or are we attempting to squish ourselves in to a box and conform, are we crushing our own spirit and soul by not honouring our values?

I really wanted to highlight this today. (Sometimes people mix up values and beliefs. Now a belief is an acceptance of something that is true, you don't always have something as true. Proof is not always required, and beliefs can change)

But generally at a core of who we are, our values can be pretty solid.

If you're feeling stressed today, I want you to ask yourself, Am I honoring my values?

Just shot a friend while a conversation about business… Heart vs. Brain. Life vs. Stress - it’s all calming down.
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Am I living life, respectfully, and I receiving the attention That I desire to make me feel good.

Am I being honest with myself and with those around me today in a way that is productive and helpful?

What's another way I’m I taking control of the things I can control and willingly letting go of the things that I can't control.

I think you know, being happy is really important and sometimes in our day to day we forget to focus on our happiness which includes honouring our values.

We're so busy sacrificing and struggling and minimising ourselves and feel like we have to put everybody else first.

Which puts us under stress that we don’t even know how to identify where its coming from.

Values are actually really important.

Quite often, they just sort of get swept aside in day to day living.

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And if this is who you are at the core, like ignoring that part of yourself and denying who you are, of course, that's going to add stress to your body, of course, it's going to detract from your happiness.

Give yourself permission to honour your values today.

Shake off any negative beliefs that you might have about yourself in the process. And make sure part of your day today, if not all of your day, I think all of your day would be better. allowing yourself to be happy.

Let go of the stress and struggle.

Do what’s important to you, golden or shadow.

If you can make time, even if it's 10 or 15 minutes, on your values on who you are, go and do something nice for yourself.

Find a reason to find some happiness. I know there's a lot of grief in the world at the moment with various things that are going on.

But there is no shame for you.

There is no guilt.

There is no judgment around you honouring who you are, and taking a moment to feel into that and feel good.

If you want to know more about purpose and value and finding your happiness and living in your joy Alignment is open for all humans.

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