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Numbers for the Accountant!

Business Mindset Growth Phase 4 min read

Today I want to talk about money and from potentially a little bit of a vulnerable area, meaning I'm talking about my own.

I've done my numbers for to take to the accountant and are they great numbers?

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Not really, not for where one would expect somebody who's been in business for as long as I have to be.

Did I make a profit?

Yes, I did. So I'm not running at a loss, which is always a positive thing. Was it a great profit? No, wasn't the kind of profit that one would like to make a month business.

I'm going to be really honest here, I actually went backwards compared to the last financial year.

I want to share this for a few reasons.

I love my business. I love what I do. My numbers didn't work out as what I would like, so am I taking this on board that I personally have somehow failed in the world of business?

No, it would be very easy to though.

It sucks when you drop your ice cream but it doesn't mean anything else.

And I work with a lot of women who are like, I'm not making money. I feel like I failed. You know, this business is all my whole life.

This time of year even people like me can look at our numbers and go, "Yeah, well, they're pretty shit."

I want to talk about this because so much shame, fear, guilt, judgment gets wrapped around the figures at the end of the financial year.

Now, I can justify it. And I can go "Yes, but I changed tracks halfway through the year, new services, I left the network that I was in, I invested heaps of money in my mindset coaching to sort my thinking out, and I now in a place where I feel the best I have ever, ever felt in my life"

Right now I know there's a lot of people who are judging, their numbers very, very harshly right now.

Things chop and change.

Seasons change, we change and we grow from adversity and challenge

Yes, we want our businesses to be on this beautiful upward trajectory and growing and growing and growing. And it's easy to look at people who just seem to click their fingers, and it all works and feel deflated.

I want to remind you, we're all starting business from different places. We're all very unique individuals. What looks like one person's easy success, well, they might have had some really great things happening in their life that supports that to jump up or behind the scenes they may have had a ten year battle to get to where they are.

There are some people that are right down at the bottom. And you know, they're feeling the struggle.

Remember, you're starting where you're starting from.

When we can remove the shame around our money, remove the judgment around our money. Last year with a lot of other things that were going on for me, I realized now, one of the reasons I have gone back 10k from where I was last year was because I'd attached so much meaning to the numbers.

So guilty, you know, I had enough to pay for coaching, but I didn't have enough to pay for a holiday.

I felt bad because that actually had a really, really negative impact on my relationship last year.

I no longer have a relationship which tears me up inside.

So be very aware of the energy and the emotion that you attach to those numbers.

Blue or red pill? You get to choose how you feel about your numbers.

Yes, the numbers don't lie. But you can look at those numbers as a way to grow or way to improve your you can see what didn't work. And you can look at them from a space of like, I'm going to find the lesson and the meaning and the hope. And I'm going to look for ways to improve.

Or you can beat yourself up about it. I could beat myself up, and I choose not to.

Remember, money has an energy all of its own. And we want to make sure we're giving money love and respect, sending out good thoughts about money, good energy, good frequency, because what you are putting out to the universe, you are calling back in.

You know, we are our harshest critics in this world of business and wealth creation.

I think it's really important that we we give ourselves a break.

You know, when I work with my girls in Embrace we do a whole module on money. But it's important to be able to attract money, and to be in the space of service.

Being able to offer what you do from the right space in the right level of integrity.

So if you are feeling a little crappy the end of the financial year, let me know if I can support you with that. Feel free to share this because you are not your business, your businesses what you do. We have ebbs and flows. Money is energy.

So look at how you can create the right frequency to start attracting more in your life.

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