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Money As a Happiness Barometer.

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Are you using money in the bank as the only measurement for your happiness?

There鈥檚 lots of people out there who do and you can use it as a measurement for your own happiness if you want.

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But as a belief consider this: If you're basing your happiness purely on something external, like having a certain amount of money in the bank, potentially you're missing out on the things going on around you and really experiencing your joy.

It's quite critical to understand that.

If you have a lack of money, being miserable about it and unhappy and punishing yourself or sitting in a space of suffering around that is not going to allow you to be able to easily create more money.

We operate at a set point ourselves, the physical barometer for our happiness, and when we consciously choose to find the joy, we create our own happiness which increases our capacity for more and this includes money. (if you want to learn more about how our body creates our outcome it鈥檚 something that I talk about in Alignment. If you're curious, click here to find out more: http://bit.ly/AlignmentGlobalSparkles)

This article was prompted recently by an experience in January.

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Now I'm the first person to admit I made some less than good decisions for myself and my business at the end of the year, and this year, and I decided change those decisions that weren't working, and I was really happy about it, I felt really good.

But then somebody involved came and had a go at me for being happy, even though the decisions I had made which prompted her attack, were based on cash flow issue in my business at that time and not about how I felt about myself.

I was told I couldn鈥檛 be posting about being happy when I didn鈥檛 have loads of spare cash on hand to pay for certain services. (lets be honest, her services)

I was judged and shamed based on what someone else considered a barometer for happiness.

Cash in the bank.

That's really bad. You can be happy without lots of cash in the bank.

Now, we all know having money to do what you want and not having to worry about how you're going to pay a bill or anything like that, feels really good as well.

But some people can still be happy with enough money in the bank to pay their bills. And that's it.

Some people are going to be even happier when they have more money and that's okay.

But regardless of where you are at financially, being able to find joy in every moment, joy and what you do have, be happy with family, friends, be able to laugh at something, when you can learn to be happy like that well that鈥檚 a wonderful way to be.

When you are putting out vibrationally happiness, joy, positive energy in what's going on for you in the moment, that's where you create the space to be able to welcome more.

If you're worried and stressed and in low vibration energies such as shame, guilt, stress and anxiety, if you're putting that out there, that's what you receive back.

Of course is, if you have lost everything in a bushfire, or your job due the pandemic, I don't expect you to be running around being joyful about all of the things.

If you can find gratitude in you being alive, that's a great starting point.

I'm talking about your general day to day, find the joy, you're happy.

What I see around the internet, some days, I really just don't want to internet. I want to switch it off and go away.

Let's say there's a lot of judgment and there's a lot of blame. And there's a lot of people pushing beliefs onto other people.

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Now, this is my belief here.

You can take it, you can leave it, and I'm really happy to have a discussion about it.

I remind myself of this (to minimise judgement on others)

路 Not everybody wants what you want.

路 Not everybody has what you have.

路 Not everybody was raised the way you were raised.

Some people when it comes to money, you know, they're going to be content with what they have.

Some people are going to want more.

But there are so many other things to be happy about. And the more you can be grateful, calm, joyous in every moment that you live, the more you put that out there, the more you can attract that back.

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If somebody says they're feeling good, or they're feeling happy, or they're feeling relieved about something, and you might know something that you believe contrary to that, no need to shame people.

路 Let people be happy.

路 Let people be happy with what they have.

路 Let yourself shine brightly and contribute to other peoples happy too!

Money isn't the only measurement for happiness.

What you believe is a lot of money might not seem like a lot of money to others, or might not seem like enough.

So skip the judgment around that and let people be happy.

Let yourself be happy.

And let's see if we can start really raising the vibration around the planet.

The more happiness we put out, the more we're going to receive back.

If you have been shamed for being happy in the past, let鈥檚 leave that there and focus now on sharing more happiness with those around us.

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And let鈥檚 get our happy on together.

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