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Trudi Pavlovsky

When does hurt shift to the current outcome?

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Today I want to talk about when does the hurt shift to the current outcome? And what I mean by that is when do you stop feeling pain all the time, or over certain situations, or feeling that you're broken or there's still something in you that needs healing or help?

To also start being able to focus on the present moment, in the now and accepting that the past is the past, that what's happened is happened.

Filter for the lessons, let it go and move on to start living your best life.

Esther Hicks And Abraham, if you haven't heard of Esther Hicks, she channels Abraham through her, she says that if something is in your unconscious, and you're not consciously aware of it and you're not thinking about it, it actually doesn't affect your manifestation.

So why, my more spiritually minded people, why is there this need or this drive to constantly go back and dig up and find things from your past that need healing?

It's not impacting your manifestation.

So do you need to do it?

If you can accept and understand that you had challenges and issues growing up, then decide to start moving into the space of:

  • Who am I now?
  • Who do I choose to be?
  • Who do I decide to show up as and focus on that?

Isn't that better? If so why do we still feel the need to be digging up stuff and looking for more hurt and looking for more pain?

Doesn't it actually make more sense to not when it comes to manifesting and healing?

Now I know for the healing practitioners out there imagine that you don't rely on people digging up their pain for work.

What if you could use your healing skills instead to centre people and focus them on the now and give them the strength and the energy to be able to move forward and craft the future that they want, work with them where they're at, rather than going back and digging and digging in deep stuff.

And this works for the coaching industry as well.

Now when I did my NLP training, (I'm a master practitioner of NLP. And I've studied huge amounts of coaching and all different practices and I'm an energy healer and I've done all of the things) there was this constant push to go back and dig and dig and dig for pain.

This way you can sign clients up to work with you for year.

And you dig and dig and then give people this unconscious programming, that every time they came to a call or a healing session, they had to be healing from pain.

There had to be healing, there had to be something wrong with them.

The more that we are getting people to focus on, there's something wrong with me, there's something healing, there's something from my past that that's the reason I'm not good, now, I've gotta go dig it up, dig it up, dig it out, dig, dig, dig.

We’re not always helping, we're just integrating that and myelinating the neural pathway, and we're embedding in ongoing pain.

How are people going to heal if we're not creating the space for them to go:

  • Okay, I'm here now and now is good and I'm ready to move forward?
  • Who do I want to be now?
  • Who do I want to be now in the moment?

I can't think of any other pain stuff like I've pulled apart all the stuff that's consciously in my brain. Who do I want to be now?

We all need to stop pushing people back.

This is where I do possibility coaching.

  • What do you want to work on to move you forward?
  • How you feeling now?
  • How you showing up: now?

What's happening for you now, knowing that what happened 20 years ago when you were a child that you don't remember, because memory is subjective doesn’t need to matter now.

And if people are attempting to be good clients, chances are they're going to distort the memory of things as well and go, Oh, well, maybe I had a fight with somebody and maybe that why this didn’t happen and maybe I'm not a good person?

We do not want people creating false memories for healing.

We want people to be starting to get into alignment with themselves now.

It’s where we look at our purpose. We look at who we are, yeah, we're going to touch base on some where beliefs and values come from, but this isn't about digging shit out of your subconscious mind for healing, just for the sake of it.

It's about going okay. What is my energy now? Who am I now the past is the past. Who do I want to be in this moment.

I can move forward and craft that amazing, powerful future for myself.

Being able to let go of bad experiences that you can remember, and being okay with who you are now in this moment, and building on that foundation, also using a combination of spiritual law, grows you.

To answer the original question: when does it hurt shift to the current outcome?

You get to decide. So get in alignment with who you are now.

If you want to find out what it would be like to work with me if you need support on that, book a fifteen minute call here: ARE YOU MY NEW COACH?

You are not broken.

You are whole and complete.

You’re a human being that had experiences that bring you to this moment.

You have this moment. This is the only moment that you have is now.

Now counts, stop worrying about the past and stop looking for shit to dig up for healing because you're not broken.

Unless it's conscious, don't worry about it.

Stop digging up the past and allow yourself (and your clients if you’re a coach) to flourish and move forward.

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