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Trudi Pavlovsky

Here's my tip for 2019 SUCCESS. ⚱️🎯

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Find your pot of GOLD! Set the world on fire with your work!

This is the year of business grace for us! Setting the world on magical fire!

It wasn't until I started working with a coach in a very small group programme of six, that I truly understood the value of support.

It's something that I've always offered my own clients, one on one, that ability to connect to be really seen and to be really visible.

But it wasn't until I started with my own coach that I truly understood how important that is for business success.

Having spent three years in membership sites, academies, fighting for attention in large groups, I thought, my struggles with business and its growth were my struggles.

But what I realized was, I didn't have that close support to really support my expansion.

It's made a massive difference and in six weeks working with this coach, I've transformed my business, my beliefs, my values, I've moved past the block that was stopping me from truly living my purpose and success.

While the group programs, the academies, the membership sites, the online programs, they have a place, and this isn't to dismiss them, there’s a faster transformation when your coach works closely with you.

As somebody that's formally taught people how to build their signature system and online courses, I understand courses and academies importance in education and learning; especially for start ups and when you’re on a budget

Get started with course and grow with coaches

But my biggest takeaway from small intimate group coaching programs, one on one, high level and focused support is the only way that's really going to help you massively grow your business and do it quickly.

I look at people in academies and I see how they've plateaued.

I see how very few have actually been able to really reach pinnacles of success and in those ones that have I know most of them have also had one on one support.

Get started in the group programs, in the memberships and doing courses but set the goal to find one on one support.

I will never go back to not having a coach that is 100% focused on me and my business in a small or one on one environment.

It is now simply a non-negotiable for my success.

Get a coach. Get someone that backs you, get someone that will call you on your BS.
(That's belief systems that hold you back)

Someone that knows when to nurture and someone that knows when to give you a gentle little kick in the butt to get moving.

Someone you can reach out to consistently who won't miss your comments, posts or questions in a group with 100 plus women. A coach that sees you and holds the space that you probably haven't even yet imagined yet that is possible for you.

Find a coach, that is the key to success in 2019.

Your income, your outcomes and your life with thank you for it.

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