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Trudi Pavlovsky

Judgement in a Time of Crisis.

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I read a post yesterday that yelled at people for doing business and not being focused on fire relief.

It was a harsh judgement of life viewed on social media.

I imagine the author was super stressed in that moment and feeling like she was the only person in the world doing things to help our firefighters.

It’s easy to sink into judgment in times of crisis. 

Judging cat is judging!

To see what people are doing on social media and make assumptions around their behavior.

What I know is this: the more you have the more you can give.

If people keep working on their business and bring in more income it allows the space for them to be able to give more.

Shaming people for keeping their livelihood active isn’t going to support people in crisis.

It has the potential to put people in a different type of crisis. 

What you might find is there are a lot of people who are doing good work behind the scenes and not sharing it on social media because they’re not looking for accolades. They’re just doing what needs to be done

People can do both.

Please do not feel guilty if you’re a small business operator who is still operating their business while the country burns.

Speaking for myself and my own situation if I stop showing up for my business this then puts me in a situation where I will need help and support. 

And I would much rather be bringing in my own income, serving my amazing clients, creating good in the world and from that space, being able to donate and support my fellow Australians. 

Sharing the pie is easy when you have lots of pie.

Please stop feeling guilty for showing up for your business.

And non-business owners please be aware of the additional pressure your judgment is putting on people who still need to make a living in the middle of all of this and are probably doing a lot more than you will ever know.

Our business is the same as going to work, we just do it for ourselves. 

So I’m going to be showing up with my business moving forward. 

And I’ll be also doing things that you’ll see and that you won’t see to support my fellow Aussies over the coming months. 

Save your your judgment for election day after the crisis is over. 

Judge the people who didn’t take proactive actions to minimize the harm that this nation is feeling now.

Save the articles that incite you to rage in a folder on your computer so when Australians are rebuilding and election time rolls around bring those articles out then.

I’m never one to put my head in the sand and pretend things aren’t happening but let’s save the judgment for when it’s most valuable. 

Judgement that create positive change for our collective futures. 

Let’s use now to look beyond what we see on social media and support everyone to do what they can do best in this point in time. 

Judgement creates shame and guilt and we don’t need anymore of that.

We need love and to celebrate each other for showing up. 

Believe we’re doing the best we can in our own unique circumstances. 

Operate from a place of love. 

~ Trudi

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