written by
Trudi Pavlovsky

Stop Being Embrarrassed and Laugh

Business Start-Up Mindset 1 min read

Quick one from me today. Last week I sent out an offer to my list and was planning on split testing the head line and the offer language.

Notice the word planning....

I use Kartra and the split test button that allows you to decide the percentage sent to each email is a little tricky. (Or it could be user error, let's be honest here) Either way, the split didn't occur and only one email went to the whole list.

How is that such a problem?

You can click the image below to watch the whole LIVE on the topic of read the bullet points below.

Gotta keep laughing, we're all human!

Here's the points.

  • It was confusing to my list as they read the offer as a freebie.
  • Two hours later they got the second email with it saying it was paid.
  • At first, my human reaction was to pretend "someone else" made the mistake.
  • If I had of let it bother me the energy would have been contracting and attracting to more errors.

Why is this important to you today?

I see a lot of women in business holding themselves back for fear of making a mistake.

I see lots of women unable to recover when they do make a mistake and going back wards in their businesses.

Biz chick, made a mistake? Own it, laugh at it and jog on.... You got this xxx

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