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Trudi Pavlovsky

Think and Reap What You Sow.

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If you’re always thinking about what has gone wrong or what could go wrong, how can anything go right?

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10 years ago, when I got into business I was freaking excited.

I was willing to give things ago.

I had this belief that was so strong in my work I ran out of joyfully to take actions and do all of the things.

I cold called and didn’t get despondent when I was rejected.

I spoke for free at networking events and even if I didn’t get a sign up I knew people were paying attention and I was pleased with that.

I had unshakable faith for a while there….

But then people started to give me all the reasons why building the business I wanted to would be hard.

Why couldn’t work.

Why I had to implement strategies that made me uncomfortable and in the end, took away my excitement for what I was doing.

Judgement kicked in because the business wasn’t making 10k a month in the first six months.

Guilt happened because my partner had moved his life interstate to work with me in the business, and he had sacrificed in doing so. (And he didn’t come this far to not be making any money.)

As I was the one on the phones making the sales calls I felt like I was useless and a disappointment.

This thing called business and living the dream, it got hard.

The first business shut down after five years of hard slog.

I had a mini break down but had no space to recoup from the health issues I suffered, because I had to make money.

The relationship with my partner was over.

I was in a hole and I took all the hole stuff with me to the next business.

Patterns repeated because I didn’t understand how my energy and focus was really impacting my results.

I had replaced my naïve and unshakable faith with fear and worry.

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After 10 years of businessing and chasing the solutions to making business work, this is what I’ve realised.

Always thinking about consequences fucks you up.

Today I’m using business as an example, but what about in other areas of life?

Have you ever thought about going skydiving but then thought about the risk with the chute not opening?

Have you remembered as a child how you used to go roller skating and thought it would be fun to do it again……

but then thought about the chance of falling and breaking a bone and decided to leave the skating as a memory?

Have you ever thought about approaching that cute person on the tram to ask them for a coffee, but then had to face the reality of a potential rejection so you didn’t?

Let’s be straight up.

If you are focused on the risk, you give it more chance of the risk event happening than staying in a state of joy and doing the thing.

If you worry all the time, you get into a rut.

You slowly die but might live ‘til you’re eighty.

What kind of life is that?

What if we daily took an action that included taking a chance, or doing something you feel stretched by and begin to see how by releasing the focus on only the consequence you actually return to bliss?

Of course, you acknowledge the risk in things, then put things in place to minimise the risk and then focus on the positive, fun outcome.

Book a skydive and go tandem so you don’t have to pull the cord. (It’s so much fun)

Go skating and wear a helmet, knee pads and wrist guards. Start slowly but go and get your wheels on.

Approach the person and offer them the chance of saying yes, and be prepared to move on if they don’t. You’ll never meet the love of your life if you don’t put yourself out there and there was a reason you noticed them in the first place.

Energy doesn’t lie right?

As we get older we unconsciously risk mitigate everything and, in the process, rob ourselves of spontaneity.

We forget how to have fun.

And who knows what other opportunities will show themselves in the moments when we let ourselves truly be?

Love Trudi AKA Global Sparkles


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