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Living Happy Isn't Only About Having a Positive Mindset.

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Today I wanted to talk about the junket that you see thrown around, that mindset is the complete answer to everything that you need to know about feeling good.

Life isn’t working? It’s your mindset.

That’s what you need to work on. That’s all you need. Fix your thinking. Bob’s your uncle, right?

If only it was that simple.

Your mindset isn’t the only indicator and the only part of you that needs to be shifted, and changed for you to live a happy life.

Now, how do I know?

It’s been my personal, well lived experience.

Years of only working on my mindset didn’t really get me to where I wanted to be.

It was only one part of the puzzle, and getting caught up in doing process after process after process held me back unknowingly.

Now I am an NLP master practitioner and I get the whole thing around doing the processes.

At the time it feels like you have completely changed your life but most often it doesn’t stick.

Plus it’s a slow, snail’s pace to feeling good.

You will get wins in the moment.

But you’ll probably find that you snap back to where you were. The improvements only end up being tiny little incremental pieces on the journey.

I’m sorry to tell you but you can’t just think your way to a happier life.

There was a whole heap of other things that need to be worked on shifted, changed, acknowledged, for you to be able to achieve happiness that’s true, deep lasting happiness that carries you through your life.

I spent a good 35 years identifying as depressed and wanting to finish my life or living as a really high functioning depressed human. Which was I’d feel miserable, but I’ll still get up and I’ll go and do my job. 

I’d pretend everything’s okay, wear the mask, but inside I was dying, every day with my depression.

What I’ve experienced over the years, that’s really helped me to be able to shift into a better place are:

· Working on things like my physical body

· Understanding how my nervous system works, how my cells work

· Learning about how my brain functions.

One thing that’s critical, is taking yourself out of toxic situations.

Toxic people are attracted to kind energy. There’s something in you they want to drain you dry off, so as soon as you identify that it’s toxic, take yourself out of that environment/situation.

(This also covers work, friendships, relationships)

We have a human need to fit in and be part of something, be part of a group. Its safety driven from the cave days and it feel nice to not be isolated.

But I highly encourage you that if you can identify that the group or person is not supporting you, elevating you, celebrating you, you find a way to get out.

Family and Blood Ties put you into no obligation either.

I have family members that I no longer speak to as it never felt good to be around them. 

Blood is no obligation. 

Having support to live your best life is a better choice. 

When looking at coaching, find out how are the emotional responses getting worked on with the mindset stuff.

There’s a lot of pressure to be able to just change it, deny it, push down block the emotion.

And that’s actually bypassing your healing because unexpressed emotions, like when you hold a ball under the water, imagine a beach ball and you push it down under the water) eventually the ball just explodes out. And exploding emotions aren’t pretty.

Learning to healthfully express your emotions is something that is definitely going to support you to have the life that you want and to live a more genuinely happy, emotionally balanced life.

And with all of these things, you’ve got your mindset, your physical, your environmental, there’s your spiritual side.

I’m a huge, huge supporter of understanding the spiritual laws of nature.

Some people call them the spiritual laws of God, the universe, whatever it is, when you study these spiritual laws, you will see (whether you’re a woowoo spiritual person or you’re heavily science based person) these laws for me and the work that I do really are the strongest foundation for you to be able to consciously choose to have a happy life.

You can attempt to think your way into happiness.

But at the end of the day, when you ritualize all of the things that build happiness, create a daily practice, (and not just I’ve got to think that or I’ve got to think this, I’ve got to say nice things to me, and I’ve got to do a process that neutralizes the energy of my past) you will find you are going to be more primed to take the action to create the life you desire.

And all of this, the mindset, the physical, environmental, the spiritual, the emotional, the ritual will support you in having lasting happiness.

When you act on this, your life can’t help but change.

Where ever you’re starting from, that’s where you starting from, but I highly encourage you to start acting, NOW.

Where ever you’re starting from, that's where you starting from, but I highly encourage you to start acting, NOW.

And if this feels a bit big and overwhelming, it actually isn't.

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And we'll set you up with these foundations. Being happy is more than just mindset.

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So many of the coaches, whether it's wilful ignorance or just because they don't know better, they don't get it, they haven't lived it.

Come and live your best life.

You can't just think your way to a happier life. When you take care of all of these other elements, life changes and a heck of a lot quicker than you ever thought possible.

Stop denying yourself the joy of happiness and have your best life.

Let's get you living your happiest.

All I wish for people is the opportunity to live a better life to live happy. Isn't that what we all desire?

You tell me.

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