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Trudi Pavlovsky

How do you bridge the chasm between possible and impossible?

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It’s easy to set up a belief system that you can’t do something, because it’s all based on past experience and evidence?

I mean we all "fail" at doing things right?

Usually its the first few times we do something new which really is a false equivalence but still...

It locks in a belief that we CAN'T.

Which limits our confidence going forward.

Just do it
Photographer: Andrew Tanglao | Source: Unsplash

Our brains are wonderful things and don’t know the difference between real and imagined, which is brilliant for us!

This is where visualisation comes into play.

Take running for example!I had a believe that I couldn’t run and that only my sister sisters got that particular "fitness gene" but then I got curious about what would happen if I decided I could.

One day I decided to see how far I COULD run!

*Please note I’d already been working on my fitness, on my health, eating better food, walking daily, doing more stretches and yoga so my body was already getting fit enough to be able to run.

So I picked the places I wanted to run in before I started running.

I started imagining completing the run in incremental parts.

  • Run to the corner of the street.
  • Then run two blocks with out stopping.
  • Run three blocks but have s stretch rest in the middle. 🤣

Now I can run four blocks non-stop!

It was a great challenge to see what I could achieve using the power of creating a new decision, visualisation and setting myself up with a new habit in my mind.

It's so empowering to make htis change.

If you can do this in one area of your life, you are able to transfer this across ALL Area software your life.

Track Background
Photographer: Andrew McElroy | Source: Unsplash

What's the belief that you would like to change?

Think how does it have an impact on your life, business or relationships?

What is the driver behind it, are you moving towards a positive outcome or away from what you don't want?

Are you curious about how to change it?

Do you have a plan?

If it feels like a big change, break it down into smaller steps so it feels easier to start.

I'd love to hear what you're creating.

I work with women to shift beliefs and make big changes in their lives.

If you need help, book a fifteen minute call to ask me to ask how I can help you out.

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*Consult your medical practitioner before starting a strenuous fitness routine, especially when you haven't been doing anything.