written by
Trudi Pavlovsky

Is Brene Brown Ruining Your Business?

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Your business behaviour has massive impact on your results.

Post smart!

Now, now, before you react all horrified, I will say I do like and admire Brene Brown. I watched her first Ted Talk and the Netflix special and I got some great take aways. 

I love the Theodore Roosevelt quote about getting into the ring, and it’s all good stuff. 

I admire how she overcame the online trolls because trolls arent fun: and her research is fascinating. 

There’s a problem with the influx of vulnerability posts online that have come out of this work.

I don’t think it’s been that great for many small business owners who are showing up daily online, being vulnerable. Thinking they are being brave and courageous when really what they are doing is slowly diminishing and weakening the brand they have worked so hard to build. 

There is the back lash now of losing your credibility, and a drop in authority. 

No one sees you as the leader. 

Sharing every moment of your life, without a powerful lesson behind it to lead and inspire people, drops you down from being seen as the person who is someone worth investing time and money with, into a “you’re one of us” space. 

Are you an Authority or a Peer?

There’s a huge buzz around being transparent and authentic in the online space. People are over being sold the “you too can be a millionaire in three weeks using my tried and tested twenty step process to riches without making a single phone call” system for instant wealth. (Posted with sports car dude, lush background and sexy model. You know those posts)  

No one wants that anymore, as humans in a world that has less and less daily human connection (I’m a work from home business owner who can have days without seeing another person in the flesh) connections is important.

We as humans are designed to look for similarities with others.

It feels safe. Until for the business owner it isn’t.

Can you really afford to block potential clients from signing up with you? 

Lets look at the even more damaging “Look at me I’m a hot mess too” posting. 

Yes your audience wants to see you are real. The hot mess posts make you real but they also make you less likely to be trusted with a persons money. 

The internal chatter for your potential client looks like this: “She/he is in the middle of a break down, I love her/him but I can feel secure giving them my money for their programme? What if they can’t finish running it?”

And so they don’t sign up with you, and they go and make their purchases elsewhere. 

Maybe its time to reign in the vulnerability dressed up as courage  posts (which is really a marketing initiative gone wrong for many) and decide on a new decision. 

Post as the leader you are. 

Now is the perfect time to step up into your place as an authority. 

Stop being typical and following the behaviour of the masses and be more! 

Let the hot mess be the lunch you pulled out of the oven and dropped on the floor because it was too hot to hold. 

If you’re stuck on how to be more and the best practices to not only be credible but also become the authority in your niche online, book in a call with me here: http://bit.ly/CredibityAuthority