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Is coaching hindering your happiness?

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“If it’s not in your subconscious it’s not impacting your manifestation because it’s unknown and has no emotion attached to it”. Esther and Abraham.

Yet the coaching industry teaches you to go looking for "it"

  • Uncover the trauma from childhood.
  • Reconnect with the bad memories from high school.
  • Live once again the fights with your mother that changed your life.
  • Reasons for having the imposter voice in your head.
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When do we get to a point the past is the past, it is what it is, and we can decide to be happy?

I don’t wanna talk about traumas any more.

If we keep getting pulled back into "it" and keep thinking about "it" and keep talking about "it" we keep mylinating the neural pathway, we keep wiring in the emotion, and we don’t heal.

We keep staying stuck in that energy and emotion and change is harder than it needs to be.

Year in therapy, falling apart over and over, reviewing the bad, wondering why it happened to you and you keep spinning your wheels over something that you can't go back and change.

What if healing only needed to be acceptance of what was, an extrapolation of the lesson and a plan to move forward?

If it’s called personal development why are so many people floundering staying stuck?

I see the fixation of one modality been the best medium for supporting change for clients, which is actually limiting a great coaches of work on all levels.

Different modalities help, yes but there is so much more to be discovered.

If you want to manifest your dream life, stop focusing on your trauma.

Talking about now past issues over and over again makes them more activated: it gives the "it" more energy and you can make it harder to turn it around.

Take a moment and shift how you’re feeling now.

It can be that simple when you keep working to this philosophy and make a decision for it to be so.

You can’t change the circumstances of the past, you can’t change the people, you can’t change the interactions.

What you can do is change your NOW to shift your manifestation.

  • The manifestation will shift as fast as your vibration.
  • How you feel now is your point of attraction.
  • Are your feelings and beliefs and real or now for this moment in time, or have you been programmed?

When I say programmed, I mean by how people tell us we should think, how we should feel, how we should be responding, based on beliefs formed from others past experiences on top of our own.

If the past to present in your now going back and digging into it more in trenches it deeply and more strongly.

I’ve realised after being in the coaching industry for 10 years the real work is to feel differently in the current situation.

It’s that simple.

You can get help to feel differently at the on going back and digging into the energy of the past it doesn’t serve you now but this is what most coaching creates.

We spend hours doing detailed personal change questionnaires, digging in looking for comparisons in past life to current life to future life experiences and looking to match the pain.

Coaching is $1 billion industry, focused on pain.

My question is how did we all get so broken to begin with?

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It’s time to stop supporting what you don’t want, stop the critiques and start the self loving.

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