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Judgements Or Miracles. You Get To Choose

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When we judge we block our ability to receive miracles into our life.

You simply cannot stand back in a place of judgment (which is negative energy that is based in shame, fear, and non-acceptance) an expect to receive the abundance of God/Universal gifts when placing negatively onto others.

What you deny for others you repel for yourself.

When you put out the energy of disgust or anger, it comes back to you.

Yesterday I shared some of my modeling photos from a shoot recently on my global sparkles Facebook page global sparkles TV and put a little caption that just said, you know, I'm finally feeling really good in my body and really healthy and really in love with myself again after, you know, and this is after many years of health issues and depression, a heck of a lot of self-loathing.

And I was really excited.

Now the photos are nude, so I'm not wearing a top.

Oooooh, but I cropped it for sharing on FB.

It was headshots that I was sharing so you couldn't see anything. I was all very chaste.

And I posted them and asked about self-love.

A lady I've never met before, came and posed the question “Is this how you do self-love?”

I'm like, yeah, this is what I do.

You know, I've worked really hard on my health and my fitness and I'm really proud of how I look right now.

I don't think there's anything wrong with that. But apparently this lady thought there was and after being called attention-seeking, want to be insta-model, then said I was just hustling and that women are better than this.

It just like it went on in a very shaming and judgemental tone for awhile.

For someone who's all about women and respect, she certainly wasn't demonstrating any.

And, you know, I'm very blessed to have some amazing people on my page who are, you know, quite open to coming and defending me, right? So it was all fine.

But this isn't what it's about. But I just wanted to pre-frame you and give you some insight into what brought this on.

Because, basically, as I said to this lady, you know, I work with people around shame, around guilt around self-judgment and judgment of others, and fear, and how she was showing up was not respectful.

I also work with shadow values and I recognized this lady was desperately in need of external validation.

She needed to put her beliefs and her values onto somebody else to feel better about herself.

Now not once in the conversation did she actually asked me what I was planning on doing with the photos? Who the photos were full up? Were they going to be displayed publicly? What was it about it that actually really made me feel good?

This was all of her beliefs, all of her values, all of her judgments, that women can only be valued if they're operating and showing up in a way that she thinks is correct.

I felt beautiful in these photos.

I have no shame around them.

I have no guilt around them.

I have no judgment on me.

I have no judgment on her because she's a product of her upbringing and what she's putting out there is just a reflection of what she sees around her and how she's created her own life.

It's really, really important that when you sitting there and you're angry or you're triggered or you're upset by something, or somebody doing something online, and you just want to jump at it and say it's wrong, and it's bad, and it's this, stop and think, and ask yourself if:

You're judging against someone else what's going on in your own internal dialogue, what's happening in your own world, what's missing in your life that you feel gives you permission?

Permission to jump on the keyboard and attack a stranger with only a tiny percentage of the information about their life.

What's missing in your own life that gets this judgment going.

Now, granted I could have torn her into pieces in the comments.

You know, if I was in a bad mood, I probably could have made a cry, because I really could have just tore her down.

But that's not how it works in the world of Global Sparkles.

We want to raise the energy and raise the vibration of those around us.

I sent her love. I prayed for her. If I was a different person she could have really ruined my day.

I ended up going about my day and having a minor car accident after that. You know, even that didn't ruin my day actually.

But you know, it's perspective.

What is right for you isn't necessarily going to be right for the next person.

I was, back in the day, a real keyboard warrior and it was super stressful!

So if it's pissing you off or triggers you look inside as to why, and then scroll on by.

This is what I have trained myself to do when a post on social riles me up.

This is the pathway to happiness, this pathway to raising the vibe vibration of the planet.

Stop the criticism and the judgment and start going, “Hey, how can I show this person love and loving care?”

Somebody did ask me, why was I not like crying in the corner and devastated and angry and fighting back and pushing back.

We've all lived our own life.

We all have our own wounds.

This was somebody who said in her own comments, she'd been 300 pounds she'd been through cancer, raised kids, and she showed up to me as someone who was crying for attention and acknowledgment that her own worth was just as much as mine.

And I really, really want everyone who reads this to remember.

You're all worthy.

You're all whole and complete.

You're all amazing.

You're all fantastic.

You all have just as many opportunities to succeed as I do.

I'm a normal person.

Be careful and just be aware and just think twice before you spew out anger and rage and frustration at strangers on the internet.

Is it really going to help that lady? Is she going to stop me from modeling and posing and doing the things that I love?


But I also know that kind of vitriol could actually really impact other people and you only know what you're seeing in front of you at that moment. Remember there's a person, a human, who has feelings and emotions on the other side of the screen.

And remember if someone who doesn’t know you, comments negatively or hurtfully on something you have shared, it’s usually all about them.

You're showing them something they need to work on or acknowledge in their own lives.

I feel deliciously beautiful and feminine and had photos taken to record that in my life.

Do what feels good for you.

You don't have to be mean to other people and you are allowed to block people who are mean to you.

There are more joyful ways to express your opinions.

If you would like to listen to my story, click on the video below:

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