written by
Trudi Pavlovsky

Today I wanted to have a look at imperfect action and over coming fear.

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I was interviewed last year by the ahhh-mazing Claire Barton for her podcast "The Recovering Perfectionist" and I watched it last night after setting up my new media page on my website. 

And when I say after setting up I mean having the amazing Mya set it up for me. 

Anyhoo back to the point....

As the name suggests we talked about perfectionism and one thing was imperfect action.

Are you getting stressed at the thought of sharing a post, publishing a course or going live with your website?

Remember to breathe..... and then go for it!

Are you telling yourself it isn't "right" yet and needs more work?

Is that truly the case or is it fear holding you back?

It's ok, we have all been there. 

It can be crippling to your business and fatal for your results. 

Have a think for a moment and identify if there is anything you could share/launch/release in your business this week but you haven't yet. 

Sometimes the need for perfection hides a deeper level fear.

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of judgement
  • Fear of comparison

With many things in our business the worse thing that could happen when we share is: nothing.

We don't get a client, we don't get twenty new sign ups, we lost the time it took to make or create the thing. 

At least we know what to do next time. 

Imperfect action allows us to move faster, learn quicker and do the fail forward and test and measure. 

If your holding back, you're not learning and growing.

Last week I launched a 5 day challenge in the week I wasn't posting in FB groups. 

I set it up in Acuity and skipped the fancy landing page. 

I took imperfect action and so far I have 40 women ready to go.

I didn't wait. 

Waiting for perfect means never getting started.

Take imperfect action this week, do something you're not sure about and tell me how it went. 

Here's to your business success.

You can check out the podcast interview by going to the media page here: https://www.thischickmeansbusiness.com/media/