written by
Trudi Pavlovsky

You can feel good and be successful!

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Five years ago I was frustrated, not able to communicate what I needed, had isolated myself and was taking on board things that I really didn’t need to be taking on board.

So what needed to change?

I wanted to have a successful business and feel good.

Everyone around me had an opinion on what I needed to do.

  • Go harder in my sales process
  • Charge more
  • Quit my part time job and go all in on my business
  • Work harder

So what did change?

Totally took care of me!

Petal I changed.

I knew that I had to break some ties and go within to change my life.

What’s happening inside reflects all over how the rest of your world shows up.

And you have the power to make a different decision to make and your choice to step out of the pain the frustration to stop isolating yourself and to find a life that fulfills you in all areas

So take time and think about what you really want?

Honestly what do you really want?

Coffee Break
Photographer: Jon Ly | Source: Unsplash

What made inside you is actually being ignored? Are you not getting enough attention, do you feel out of control, are you not handling your money well, do you feel like to get a result you have to transform into some control freak, bossy crazy lady?

It’s time to stop the crazy, it’s time to start living well.

It’s time to create a life you love both business and personal.

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Photographer: Product School | Source: Unsplash