written by
Trudi Pavlovsky

Got a rebellious streak? Is it good for business?

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They came a day when I decided to harness my rebel for good. I've always had a little rebellious streak…..

And if you have that little rebel inside you, you’re probably going to really resonate with this too.(Or not, because you’re a rebel. I can't tell you what to do.hahaha)

This Princess totally influenced me!

Growing up, I was always against being the same.

I always had this urge to fight to be unique. And I think part of that was shaped in me because I was by nature an outsider, I was always seen as a little bit different.

And that could have been my circumstance growing up. Growing up in a small country town in the late 70s and early 80s, we didn't have a traditional household because my parents were divorced.

I got laughed at in a class activity because I didn’t know where my dad worked.

My religious teachers shamed me as the bad kid in every story being told as an example in scripture class. “If Trudi told a lie would she go to hell?” “If Trudi stole something… “ etc etc.

Growing up, not fitting in, being the weird kid, I think it amplified the rebel because I was never going to fit in.

I made it a real point to never be the same.

Some of my fondest memories that, as I look back now, cause me to have a little giggle to myself as well. All the kids in high school listening to Jimmy Barnes, and I was off listening to The Cure.

Everyone's wearing Country Road jeans andt- shirts. And I'm wearing black shirts and skirts, with black lipstick. To be different I wanted to be goth for a little while.

But my mom confiscated my black lipstick and said I couldn't have it anymore, because that's why I was so unhappy.

Moving forward.

Through my career, there was a level of defiance, I didn't like being told what to do. But you know, it's your job, you have to toe the line, when push comes to shove.

There were times where I would stand up and go “No, this isn't working. It's not right.”

(I also have a bit of an integrity, do the right thing, streak through me. And that obviously comes from you know, all those times not being looked after by people growing up.) And that caused me some heart ache in the workplace.

The rebel when not addressed and nurtured the correct way can have a detrimental effect on your own business too.

The rebel is going to push back against solid business advice, the rebel is going to get defiant and stubborn.

You have to be careful.

For example, imagine if you get an idea, then your rebel decides that that theirs only way to do the thing, and you push yourself into a space that costs you time or money, because you refuse to be flexible around the action.

Being a rebel doesn’t mean being totally inflexible, but it can feel like that.

To all my little rebels out there who have different kinds of businesses, who show up differently be it with photos, non-traditional peeps, who don't want to do things the same as everyone else.

I see you. I feel you. I can hear the conversations that can go on in your head but I'm also here to share, from one rebel spirit to another, to tell you to mind and nurture that rebel, because sometimes she or he can cost you.

The best way I use my rebel is when I have to decide.

We giggle together over all the possibilities, we connect in our heart and get real. And if we are resisting making a choice or listening to someone elses words of wisdom, is it because we don’t like being told? Or is because it truly is in our best interest and were annoyed it wasn’t our own “original” idea?

We don't have to know all of the how, all we need to know is if it feels right, regardless of source.

At the end of the day, embrace your rebel!

She can really help your creative side, she can drive you forward to take the action you know in your heart is true, she balances out your good girl too.


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