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Trudi Pavlovsky

All the fish are swimming in the water....

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One thing I do that I think has really helped me be able to keep going forward is I've made the decisions to "swim in my own lane".

Just call me Nemo....

I have people ask me this question, who do I follow?

Who are the big names that I track across the internet, who the big names whose books I've read?

And I'm actually very, very selective.

I know of big names. And, you know, you might see a powerful content piece here and there that they've written.

But I've stopped really focusing hugely on what other people are doing, because it gets distracting.

I want to set myself up for success.

I don't want to have to look what I'm doing go, oh, someone's already done it, or, I don’t have the capacity to do it as big or as loud or as huge as someone else. Maybe I shouldn't do it.

I don't want to let what other people do, negatively influence my ability to take action to move forward.

And I know I have a real negativity bias.

Now, I'm guessing there's people out there that can follow everyone and be inspired. And it doesn't hold them back.

And if that's you, that's awesome. And kind of envious.

I also know I have a little bit of a rebellious streak to me.

And if somebody else is already doing it, part of me is going to want to go “Well, I'm not doing that. I'm not doing it that way. Let stamp my feeties and go home and not play with all the toys.

So this is really big thing around knowing yourself in business, knowing what's going to activate you to action and know what's going to trigger you into inaction.

I'd love to know your thoughts.

Do you follow big names? Do you look at what they do and think I'd like to do that and get inspired?

Or does it hold you back?

Tell us who you have your eye on... is it us?

I know when I look at people who have money and they've built their business up enough that they can have a launch team and launch spend $100,000 on Facebook ads and do all of the the things it's human nature to be a little bit and I don't want to risk getting deflated.

I believe it's really important to protect your energy.

Protect what you see and know how things trigger you or encourage you or whatever the response is, and make a conscious choice to manage your social media feed, the books you read the things you watch on YouTube, all of those things to make sure you're working to your strengths to get yourself the best results.

Do I miss out by not seeing what other people are doing?

Maybe, but I don't know cuz I'm swimming in mind lane and I'm focused on my own goals. My own prize I'm coming first in my own race.

So that's why I'm so selective.

So don't look at it is ignorance, look at it as deciding to create your vision, know your purpose, set the path and go after that.

And the more I learned in the more I know in the more I see of the world, the more okay I am with that eye on the prize. What's your prize? What does it look like sharing the comments below.

I'd love to know what your purpose is and I'd love to know what your vision is.

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