written by
Trudi Pavlovsky

Are you the burnt chop mum? 🥩

Business Mindset 2 min read

I was talking to my business strategist James Tuckerman about this phenomenon and how it shows up in every other area of life alongside the kitchen. (His mum refused to be a burnt chop mum, good lesson Mrs Tuckerman)

Are you the mum that makes dinner, gives everyone else the best bits and keeps the "burnt chop" for yourself?

It's the ultimate demonstration in love right, bet your mum did the same thing.

But what if it's an unnecessary sacrifice that is now slowing down your business too?

Being the burnt chop mum creates feelings of sacrifice. 😞

And you don't have to be a mum for this to apply to you, you can be the partner that always misses out on what you love to placate the other, the friend that is always the one to visit the other friend even when you're busy too, anyone who consistently puts the wants of others ahead of their own.

🔥The burnt chop mum bears the cost of being last all the time.

🔥The burnt chop mum misses out on the moments that can bring her fulfilment.

🔥The burnt chop mum waits politely for someone to say no, I'll eat the burnt chop tonight and then gets upset inside when no one does.

🔥And the burnt chop mum does this all to herself, all the tiem smiling on the outside but inside wondering if anyone cares.

If you have learnt that you have suffer, sacrifice or miss out to demonstrate love, you have it all wrong.

It's not only NOT selfish to eat the tasty chop yourself, it's critical for happiness.

Your life matters too. ❤️

And this will show up in your business too.

How lush does this look!

Where do you miss out, sacrifice or create struggle to please others?

🥩Do you do crazy extend payment plans just to help someone out?

🥩Do you do rush jobs even when it means you don't get to spend quality time with this you love?

🥩Do you sign up any clients possible and do work you don't love, to help others out?

When will you decide that you are worthy of a three course freaking meal?

Serve who you love, do work on your terms and take care of yourself first?

Join Embrace and undo the martyrdom, and relearn how to have all you desire, with out the struggle. In both life and in business.

Lets go ladies, your turn now. 🌼

Friends don’t let friends be a burnt chop mum. So be a friend and tag a friend.

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