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Trudi Pavlovsky

Business Coaches And Coat Tails

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Leadership.... Is your coach a true leader or are they riding on the coat tails of YOUR hard work?

I find leadership an interesting topic on its own, so let's throw it into the coaching industry for further review....

Having done courses and studied leadership, a key element of true leadership that is missing online is the leaders ability to elevate the client and NOT take the credit.

A leader is guide and support, the client is the doer.

I see so many coaches taking "credit" for the client outcome. And lets be honest, lots of coaches could have helped the client achieve the same out come.

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So what is driving the coaches need to be seen as the main start of the show?

Lack of experience, insecurity or the social media energy that the louder you are about how wonderful you are makes you the winner?

To me that smells like insecurity.

What about the coaches that reach out as the leader but then fight to keep the client small?

Having worked for years in Retail Leadership roles and as I shift my role in my own business, I recall the leaders who would also push you back wards out of fear you might over take them.

Could this also be a sigh of poor professional development?

I believe so.

A confident coach will be excited that your growing, they will nurture that and then give the client the credit for the job well done.

Having been in the pushed back position as a client, its tough to know when to leave.

If this is happening to you, leave as fast as you can.

We live in a world that benchmarks success by the dollars in the bank account and the type of car you drive.

Dear Coaches, please find a way to be better than your ego or what social media tells you you should be to be considered a success.

Dear Client, you dont need to put up with being the poster child of your coaches brilliance.

Let your success be that: YOUR OWN!

I would love to know what your thoughts are around leadership anyhow it is showing up in this modern age.

~ Trudi Pavlovsky

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