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Trudi Pavlovsky

Healing and Being Broken. #opinionpiece

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I used to say I am healing, with an underlying belief that I was some how broken or flawed.

It was a forecast of what lay ahead which then kept me searching for more processes and issues to "fix" so I could decide I was better.

What I now believe is that I am whole.

I always was.

I was never broken but I had bought into a system that wanted to keep people victims, unwell, and told you that you are imperfect.

I was ALWAYS whole.

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I had events in my life that I wasn't set up to deal with in a way that allowed me to stay in love with who I always was: a fabulous, kind and loving human.

It was demonstrated that bitterness, anger and self loathing was the only pathway to experiencing trauma and pain.

And dealing with it was a long hard slog that never ended.

It is not the only way.

Dirty work
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Healing does have an end point.

Where did the belief that healing never ends come from? Or that you are broken to begin with?

Time spent in school counsellor session talking about the same old stuff but walking out with no outcomes or action steps?

Seeing the counsellor or psychologist for months and months with nothing changing?

Going to a coach who signs you up for twelve months of coaching so at every session to get "value" you dig around in your life looking for situations that hurt so you had something to heal?

Here's where you end up with labels for your feelings and experiences but often don't get the steps or complete picture of how to own you wholeness while recovering from the pain.

Lost in the Forest
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And a big problem with constantly looking at your pain and trauma and searching for healing because you do not believe you are whole is the focus.

You are constantly wiring your brain to pain moment in your life.

It becomes your set point for your nervous system and cells, which makes feeling good and happy a less natural state.

Stop searching for hurt to heal and start looking forward to create your joy.

What if the past could be that? The past?

And you could decide it no longer had power over you and you could start forward facing and building a future life you loved, from loving who you are now in this very moment?

The Happiness Matrix shows you how.

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