written by
Trudi Pavlovsky

I Hate You But I Love You 2019.

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A tough year of pain with joy moments scattered in between.

We almost slid off… the house is on a cliff…
Photographer: ZACHARY STAINES | Source: Unsplash

2019 you cracked me open and showed me parts of myself I didn’t want to acknowledge.

You pulled me apart and in the shattered pain I put myself back together.

A newer version.

Fresh and fit, full of a new view of myself.

2019 was supposed to be THE year.

That magical year where everything comes together and everything works. Business, friendships and love.

I day dreamed that 2019 was the year of getting THE ring, and planning a happy forever after.

I could see my business taking off and finally breaking the six figure window.

It didn’t work that way.

I launched my amazing programme Embrace thinking I was facilitating for others but it came along at the right time to also allow me to facilitate myself.

We all know there is no random things in the universe.

Stars Galaxy Rocky Mountain
Photographer: Jeremy Thomas | Source: Unsplash

I was divinely guided, abet kicking and screaming to face my own shadow and to decide.

Contract or expand.

Face the truth of life, love and the universe.

To be better, to own what I truly desired.

As 2020 starts to peak its cute button nose over the horizon I have stopped fighting.

Resistance is futile when you know, you have always known why you are here.

Behind the scenes I have cried tears of despair and I hit rock bottom. Now I climb back up, but it’s a climb upwards I have taken before so now I own the short cut.

Thank you everyone for being my friend, sending me love, being a client and supporting the work as it grows.

A new programme is about to be birthed and it is the sum of the year 2019. It’s been created with love, tears, belief and honesty.

I am the fittest and strongest I have EVER been mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Photographer: Form | Source: Unsplash

I have never seen my future with so much clarity and certainty.

I believe in me.

I see you and I believe in you too.

We’ve all got this.

The Universe/God does have our back.

I love you.


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