written by
Trudi Pavlovsky

When You Haven’t Given Yourself Your Own Container!

Mindset Business 2 min read

In my work with my clients I create for them a container.

Not one made of tupperware but one that allows them to have space for their dreams to be placed.

It’s a space for them to fill.

Quite often can feel large, to big with a "WTF am I enough" element to it.

So many containers....

Which is actually a great thing.

Because most people don't understand the power of the stretch.

I hold space and support them to take the daily, weekly and monthly action to be able to fill it. It removes their fear, they feel supported and the focus is taken away from all the space and then one day boom, they say “I need a bigger container”

Then I realised something this week.

I haven’t given myself a big enough container.

Not for quite awhile and I was wondering why I was getting to space I was starting to feel a little stuck.

It feels like you are attempting to squish your feet into a tiny little box and you cant quite get them both in.

Check out Maru the Cat. It’s very Maru.

I think he needs a bigger container too!

No one likes to feel stuck.

This is how I got un-stuck.

  • I made some decisions about my business.
  • I trademarked the business name!!
  • I started looking to move out of being a sole trader and what it will take for TCMB to be set up as a company.

I know I’m not ready YET to set up TCMB as a company.

I also know if I don’t start allowing the space for that in my own thinking and actions that I’m taking now, I’m NEVER get there.

  • How big is your container?
  • Have you filled the space and wondered why you’d stop growing?
  • Maybe it’s the same for you and you need a bigger container. If you need somebody to hold it for you let’s talk.

To expand your container you can start by day dreaming.

Yep that's right, DAY DREAMING! Unfiltered imaging of what your life and business moving forward could look like.

Heres my most recent digital vision board
  • How would it feel?
  • What would you be doing?
  • Find a space that feels good. Imagine it and then let go.
  • Trust your mind will start taking action towards moving towards it.

If thats feels a little weird, make a vision board full of images that evoke the feelings of living in the wish fulfilled and put it on your desk.

Thats your easy first steps to take to creating THE life you love.

TCMB not only deals with the practical aspects of business growth and development we also support the thinking that allows it to happen.

If you are keen to have high level mindset mentoring while you grow your business, we would love to talk to you about how we help.

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