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Trudi Pavlovsky

The Vilification of Masculine Energy for Women in Business

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Rise strong and BALANCED in your business.

Today I want to talk about the vilification of masculine energy for women in business.

It's an interesting topic.

For many years I sat in the online space, that masculine energy did not belong in a woman's business.

That feminine energy was the only thing that you needed.

At the time I didn't realise how that belief actually contracted me and made play my business game at a smaller and diminished level.

As a woman, its not feminine to ask for a sale, and a commitment to the sale to be made at the time. It was "pushy" or "salesy" and only men did that.

It not only cost my business revenue, it also cost women opportunities.

It contracted my energy and beliefs around money and what I could expect for my services as a fair exchange.

Men do the "deals" women play nice.

Feminine energy, when it is in a safe container, is creativity, flow, it is community, and all of the beautiful things.

But having spent three years floating around only in feminine energy, and actually being really stuck and struggling to grow my business, I realized that the balance wasn't there.

That by taking ALL of the masculine energy out of it, and not allowing myself to step into a stronger energetic space when I needed it, I'd actually robbed my business of its edge and of its ability to grow.

Masculine energy does not mean that you have to be ruthless and hard in business.

Masculine energy allows you to have strong and purposeful boundaries, it gives you strength to make the tough calls and to make decisions that best serve YOU FIRST.

I also witnessed people saying that masculine energy was bad, that having a strong system in place was bad, while actually being in a masculine state, while in denial of it being there in their own process.

So please don't be quick to discount having a masculine energy in a feminine energy space.

For feminine energy to rise, we need the balance of the masculine.

Disrespectful terms like “sausage marketing” do nothing to help us connect to the strength in our business.

I have stepped up and started working with a masculine male coach and realizing that there is a lack of balance in the work that I'm doing in my own energy.

I've really enjoyed welcoming in the space and the strength and the container that having both masculine and feminine energy brings to my work.

This isn't going to be a popular post for some.

It’s totally up to you to explore this dynamic in your own business.

Also look at the successful and unsuccessful businesses around you and the balance of energy in those.

Then decide.

~Trudi Pavlovsky

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