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Trudi Pavlovsky

You were born knowing you’re the best.

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I see you there, you super high achiever.

You were born knowing that YOU'RE THE BEST

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Back in primary school you were considered "a natural", a student that was great at all of the things.

Everything was easy, you were the smart kid right? Everyone said you go places.

So much praise and awards for doing well.

Gifted was a word that may have gotten spoken in your presence.

It felt good.

Until it stopped.

High school got harder.

You excelled but not at everything and when you didn't make top grades, you brushed it off as unimportant to the outside world but on the inside you were dying a slow death.

Whats was wrong with you, why was it so hard all of a sudden?

When push comes to shove - the question is "will you do what needs to be done to finish the job?"
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What your parents and teachers didn’t realise what they were doing by telling you how amazing you were, was that they were setting you up for long term stress and pressure.

Because in those moments of telling you how much of a natural you are that was setting you up with a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset of enjoying the process.

You should just automatically know how to do the things.

Because you're a natural.

That everything should be easy for you and now that you’re a grown-up and things aren’t always easy, you have a big problem.

The problem is now your own inner voice.

When things aren’t easy you tell yourself you’re a loser, you’re dumb, everyone else can do this why are you having so much trouble?

Everyone else on the Internet can do it why do I feel like a fraud?

And you keep on pushing and forcing your amazing results.

Because not getting top results is never an option for you. No matter what.

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It’s not your fault btw, I grew up this way too.

And when things aren’t easy the stress levels rise.

Sleep falls away and you wake up in the middle of the night mulling over what needs to happen next, why it's not working and wtf are you going to do.

Push Push Push!

You have days where you want to curl up in a ball and go to sleep but you have to keep going because you’re a natural and if anybody knew how you really felt inside the world would fall fucking apart.

This is more common than you think.

What you’re actually missing is the right support to help you through the required mindset shift, to help you thrive.

Mindset work trumps everything.

2020 can be a year of increased results, done easier.

Big loves.... Trudi

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