written by
Trudi Pavlovsky

A Fork In The Road

Mindset 2 min read
Maybe not quite this literally....

There comes a time in a womans life when she reaches a fork in the road.

A point where she can either turn one way and let life continue as it always has, or she can turn the other way, a new way, and begin a new chapter of her life.

The first option is definitely the easier one. And let’s be honest, there’s no shame in choosing easy.

Easy has appeal! 

Fewer decisions to make, less people to confuse or maybe even hurt, far less to think about really – just sink into what has always been and settle into the rhythm once more.

This is where we give away our choices, give away our power, allow ourselves to become smaller so others may feel bigger.

The most common way women give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

But we do. Enter the second option…

The second option, well, let’s just say it’s a whole lot trickier. Tricker, scarier, untried and untested. 

Fraught with dangers and possible pitfalls.

There’s no roadmap for this option, the satellite navigation just says ‘you’re off road’ and leaves you to find your own way.

Yes, there’s fear here. But fear laced through with excitement, self belief, courage, and an unshakeable belief that had you taken option one, a part of your soul would have died. This is the path that can lead you to discover the greatest parts of yourself.

It’s in the moment, when choice is standing in front of us, that we often begin to doubt ourselves.

Our head jumps in, that monkey mind that’s never far away, and it begins to feed us self doubt by the bucket full.

 We try not to listen, but more often than not, we do. And that’s when we need most to be listening to our heart. Our heart will always whisper words of encouragement. They are words of wisdom, beauty, truth and love.  Your heart will always guide you true. It is your north star.

Your guiding light through the fear.

Listen to your heart above all else, and you will always find your way home.

Do you listen to your heart?   Are there ways you could make space to hear its whispers?

Are you standing at your own fork in the road?  

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