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Sharing Hurt or Healing?

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Lets talk about how sharing either hurt or healing is impacting your business.

Below is a post I shared recently on my personal profile on FB, or as i call it The Book of Face. (And yes I also have Russian heritage, face app anyone? 😂)

Purposeful sharing helps your business as it helps people see you as human and to relate to you with in their own experiences.

I see a lot of posts online where people are being vulnerable and verbally vomiting all of their pain all over the place, and while it might get them the online support and attention they crave this can be very damaging to your brand.

I focus on the healing aspect and add in my personal, living in that moment experience.

This is me AND I am also wearing my new glasses...

As stated in the headline the question is, are you sharing hurt or healing?

I get that a vent or feeling sesh online can be quite cathartic but also remember who is watching.

Is a potential client seeing you lose your preverbal online with no positive outcome and be able to still feel secure in your ability to support them in their challenges?

This is why I always encourage my clients to share a positive ending. If its so raw that you can't share with out rage, hurt or bitterness shining through, maybe its not the time to share whats happening yet?

This is post I wrote will sipping my drink.

Tonight I’ve decided to reset my year.
I’m back to where I bought it in: Strangeloves Wine Bar

My favourite drink, upstairs in our spot, even though tonight I was alone.

This time seven months ago I was ridiculously hopeful, things where shifting, I was changing in wonderful ways and I was starting to really trust and feel safe in this life that was showing itself.

Our unicorn oracle card reading for the year was magical.

Then things happened, I felt betrayed, I didn’t process well and old patterns of self blame, fear and helpless rage surfaced up.

More to heal right?

My very dear friend said to me on Wednesday as I cried on a call that I’m a seeker. A seeker of my truth, I don’t hide from my own healing but the last six months I’ve wanted to.

I’ve thrown myself into my work, created programmes I love and worked with the most amazing clients.

It’s been raw, I’ve held back nothing and I’ve afforded myself permission to do the work I love.

I’m so blessed in this regard.

I’ve opened up my heart and pulled out the pieces of painful shrapnel over the last week and now I’m here.

Vanilla martini in hand.

What I believe is we’re evolving, improving every day and still we are human.

We have scars, old hurts and some days all we can do is cry and rage at world.

I’ve raged this week, I’ve scratched at those old scabs, re-examined old wounds and now, tonight, with all my book of face friends, I reset.

I loved who I was becoming at the start of year, she slipped away for awhile but I’m welcoming her back.

No more grieving what was lost, it’s time to forward face again.

I surrender back into trust, faith and open my heart to love.

I like to leave people feeling snuggled and feeling good

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