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Trudi Pavlovsky

Does it hurt if I DON'T poke it?

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I was listening to Esther Williams talk about how anything in your subconscious can’t impact your manifestation because you have not consciously attached any energy to it.

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And, of course that got me thinking…. Because chronic over thinker and analyzer here! 🤣😜

Having studied coaching for 10 years I see so much of it is about digging.

Digging up past hurts, past wounds, old traumas and exploring them. We are shown how to peek at them, then scratch at them like a healing scab, being encouraged to remember things from a long-forgotten childhood.

And after ten plus years of going hunting and digging for my own healing I have realised that most of the digging and scratching we do: WE DON’T NEED TO.

The digging allows the business of coaching to thrive.

If we need to do a lot of digging, that takes time. That’s a twelve month coaching package right there.

And it sets up a belief in the clients mind that it will take at least that long for the client to be “better”

Over coaching is a thing.

There I said it.

Why do we feel we have to poke things, scratch things, dig things up, when, if it’s buried deep, it isn’t actually impacting our lives in the way that coaching can portray it to do so?

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What if we decided to work with ourselves in ways that allowed us to re-programme from this point in time and move forward that way?

What if we don’t actually have to suffer?

When I first got involved in coaching there was quick wins in NLP that seem to unravel pretty quickly 90% of the time or you could go to counseling and do talk therapy but never really walk out with any solutions or really empowering actions to take to move forward

Everyone’s modality is touted as the final healing thing you will ever need but I haven’t found that to be the case.

After 10 years in the coaching industry and studying numerous modalities and science and spiritual and all of the things for healing I’ve come to the conclusion that the biggest thing that stops people from healing quickly is their belief that it can be fast.

That it can be done without spending years on it.

It’s the biggest myth of the coaching industry.

I’ve worked with people with depression and six months they’re good but for me it took 20 years? Go figure

so baby take a walk on the wild side.
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Why do we spend so many years in pain?

I often ask myself where did I develop the belief or even the need to suffer and to sacrifice to feel I had to earn my abundance and happiness in life?

I’ve worked with coaches who have done quantum leaping and while I think too big a leap doesn’t work for our brains and physiology, a lot of the time understanding how our brain and shifting the imagery in our head is definitely the first, most powerful step we can use in our healing process

So how quick can you heal from your past?

How long is a piece of string?

You have the ability to not only heal from your past but to get to a point where it doesn’t even become a point.

We can decide that the past is that. We can live in each moment and create in our future from TODAY!

To somebody who spent more than 3/4 of her life unhappy this is the best outcome for me.

I choose a happy future and I choose a happy life

We don’t need to relive past traumas and we can decide in this moment to trust we are whole as we are, we are perfect children of God, we are always supported and when we step into cause for our life we can create a life that is wildly beautiful and abundant?


How would you show up differently today?

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