written by
Trudi Pavlovsky

Four Things to Release for a Briliant 2019

Mindset 4 min read

Having been a coach for ten years and having really delved back deeply into my own inner work here's my top four things for you to release, for a brilliant 2019.

Let's look the patterns that I'm willing to let go of completely to create the life I want for 2019.

These patterns have shown up consistently in my life and created beliefs that were created from experiences in childhood that don't necessarily serve me anymore.

I’m sharing, as there will be people out there who need a refresh/review of their own patterns, people who may not realise how deep child hood conditioning runs in their lives today and also it’s a bit of a public declaration that I’m going for an easy and joyous 2019.

Belief One: I am not worthy.

This one, its insidious in ability to slide into your behaviours and sabotage your confidence. And usually when everything is going really well.

Ring true for anyone else?

The my who standards not worried because an eight-year-old girl said something mean to me not worthy because of somebody else's shit patents and behaviours that they were experiencing growing up.

I'm getting rid of that.

And I am worthy, say that out loud: I am worthy.

Say it this time like you mean it, I am worthy!.

Now this one that is an underlying belief that shapes so much online behaviour.

Shameless plug for me to coach you :)

Belief Two: I am not safe.

Okay, as a child, there were times where I did not have the ability to protect myself whether it was from abuse, whether it's from bullies, there were times I lashed out to attempt to protect myself.

But even in those moments of lashing out there was mocking and there was laughter

There was a huge belief that I carried, I'm not safe. I'm not safe to be visible. I'm not safe to speak my mind. Now, that's a belief that I've gotten, pretty much rid of.

Sometimes it's just shows up so I'm getting rid of that belief FOR GOOD.

I am safe.

Put your hand on your heart and say it: I am safe and I am safe to be me.

  • I am safe to show up.
  • I am safe to speak my mind.
  • I am safe online.
  • I am safe out in the world.

Pretty cool, right?

It's tiem to rewrite the past gorgeous.

Belief Three: I'm not allowed to shine brighter than anyone else.

This one. You know, being an Australian, tall poppy syndrome, get to big for your boots and look out mate, people will come after you. Even though Aussie love the battler come good story too!

All of the contradiction, fine line to be walked here.

Or is there?

This one pulls me back. I feel like I've gotten rid of it, then it pulls me back again.

In the past, as a child shining, obviously set up me to be bullied.

It made me stand out.

It created situations where I wasn't safe. And guess what?

I'm not a child anymore.

Say this out loud with your hand on your heart.

  • I am safe to shine.
  • The more that I shine
  • The more I show other people that it's safe for them to shine as well.

So new belief for 2019, it is not only safe for me to shine, it is imperative that I shine for me to live my purpose.

I must shine!

I have to shine as people need to be able to see me.

So there's another belief pattern out the window. The old pattern of stepping up, then stepping back, stepping up, stepping back, that dance is gone.

What's another one?

I have no choice be to fully step into my power.

Belief Four: I am not allowed to be happy.

Screw that. It's gone.

I spent so many years punishing myself and this comes from I'm not allowed to be too happy because it’s a at the expense of someone else. (School years, it was usually me winning an award and other kids getting pissy they didn’t)

What if I'm happy and other people aren’t?

I’m not responsible for how others choose to feel about me, the world and what they have in their life. I am here to be a beacon of what’s possible.

Who am I to be happy?

I am Trudi Pavlovsky, that’s who!

Repeat this!

  • Yeah, I choose happy
  • That’s my vibe and it’s a non-negotiable for 2019!

A whole lot of changes and shit that happened in childhood or as a teenager even 10 years ago, that's the past and yes that's what many base current experiences on.

But, hold up there: we also have a choice.

Good coaches will shift yourself back to cause.

You get to choose, so decide now what patterns you want to take into 2019. I'm curious, has the past been pulling you back and have you had conscious awareness of it?

It’s time to do the inner work because this is our year shine.