written by
Trudi Pavlovsky

What if you were NOT a bad person and your business could be better?

Mindset 5 min read

How would life change, if you stopped living it based on the lies and false beliefs formed in your childhood and every day living?

We base our whole life on the stories that we tell ourselves from things that happened in the past, we make decisions in moments about occurrences and they impact our whole life when not reviewed and released.

PLUS we're basing these beliefs on a maturity level at the time.

Such an innocent assessing the world

We also create meaning dependent on other people's actions in these moments, which is guess work because we never truly know what someone else is thinking.

Especially when we are young and only have a very simplistic view of the world.

We are showing mum an award, she has had a bad day and knows the other sibling will be upset they didn’t win, she gives you a “look” which you take to mean something negative and then you decided to stop being excited about winning.

Or if you do win, you make it seem like whatever it is that you won, was hard work and you didn’t love doing it.

Gets a little toxic right….

We create these stories, but what can also happen, is we then adjust them enough in our memory to serve our golden values.

We tweak things to make ourselves look feels sound a little bit better in whatever that moment was that the belief was formed, it's human nature, we have a bias, we want to show up with our best vision to everyone around us.

Even when it ends up punishing us further. We become martyrs.

And these beliefs hold us back from living a truly fulfilled life.

And beliefs are intertwined with values.

Most people know all about the hyper positive “golden” values but how many look at their shadow side?

Let’s look at the shadow value of belonging. We have a herd mentality that has followed us from the caveman days. If we were kicked out of the caves, out of the safety of the group, we would die.

We still carry that with us at a cellular level.

Here’s an example. We want to belong but when we get attention (which is another shadow value), if it's not the right kind of attention, we shrink back. We don’t want to risk being removed from the safety of the circle. (Family, friends, online cliques)

In Australia, we have that tall poppy syndrome, which holds so many of us back from truly shining our light.

But where did these stories begin with us? Heres some questions to reflect on.

• Did you succeed with somebody else having to fail?

• How do you know somebody else had to fail?

• How do you know in the moment of your success, somebody wasn't getting the exact lesson they needed to build for their future success?

So as human beings, we tell ourselves a lot of stories, a lot of BS comes out of that.

That's belief systems, right? But what if the stories that we're basing a whole life on was a lie?

What if those stories that created the belief systems are based on half-truths? They’re fallacies: whether we've made ourselves up to be better in the moment or where we've diminished ourselves for safety, protection or betterment in that moment?

Are you martyring you true happiness for a story that doesn’t even matter anymore?

This is why I'm running embrace the shadow because we all have these stories.

They impact our daily lives and have a massive impact on our businesses.

Whether they're true or not, it doesn't matter. You don't actually need to go back and pick apart your whole life to create change now, and embrace a better future.

What you do need though, is to embrace your whole self.

Because if you're living a life, where you are only projecting the good and what you believe people need.

And you let it be easy.....

And want to see if you're living half a life where you're not honouring the shadow, attention, need belongings, sexuality authority, rebellious control, whatever those share whatever the shadow is, if you're not embracing that you are not truly stepping into your power, you are not fully owning who you are.

And if you're only operating at 50% because they are stories based in fear, how much of your life you robbing yourself of? How could life be different, not only for you but for the people around you, for the people that role model you for their clients?

How much are you robbing the world, by only choosing to live in the light to only embrace the golden values and how could life look for you with the dark?

If you got rid of all the BS, all of the belief systems, all of the stories, all of the facts, all of the fallacies, got rid of all of that and gave yourself permission to have a clean slate now to actually move forward and own and love and live the life that you're truly here for.

Join me for embrace the shadow of a nine week, deep dive into all the different shadow values where we will clear out the fallacies, will clear out the old stories whether they're true, half true or something that you just made up at the time to feel better about who you are.

Let's get rid of them. It's time for them to hit the road and be gone. Because if you truly want to own your full self, live a life that is 100% fulfilled and lived to purpose, this is one thing you need to change in your life.

Join me we start on the fifth of December.

Reserve your place here:https://trudibizchick.kartra.com/page/EmbraceYourShadow