written by
Trudi Pavlovsky

How to Cultivate a Good Mood.

Mindset Business 3 min read

Even when life has been crappy.

I’ve always been fascinated with helping people be happy and move forward in their life even from childhood.

I was the one in school that people came to for support and advice.

Fun for everyone!

So now in my work at the core of what I do is helping people connect with in the things that they denied them selves and find things that make them happy, and help them create both personal and business success.

I see around me, people telling people just let shit go, release it and not really acknowledge in the internal struggle that people are going through to do so.

I find it so frustrating that there’s a lot of talk but not really any support to take action.

And I used to be the person waving my hand going "yes that’s a nice thing to say but how the hell DO I let that shit go?"

So I’ve studied coaching, mindset, energy and healing modalities for the last 10 years to figure out how to let shit go and cultivate a good mood.

I realized that it started with making a decision and then taking the action. It was actually that simple to get started, but what next?

It's in the creating of things around it that support lasting change with the new behaviours you want.

Theres no point deciding to let something go with out something to replace it with, otherwise the thing you let go comes back to fill the void in your life.

So I created new rituals.

Where do you feel good to BE?

Even this week I decided to start waking up earlier, in my life I've moved away from toxic people, and started studying ways that I could learn how to find my own voice.

I looked at my values that weren’t getting fulfilled and started setting my goals in a way that allowed me deep personal satisfaction.

Now a lot of people didn’t agree with what I was doing, or didn’t like the fact that I was changing. It was due to me no longer operating to fufill their needs first, so there was a lot of pushback.

But in the end I stuck to my guns and every day I make the decision to take the action that allows me to be happy.

❤️I want a connected and loving relationship with my neighbour.

⭐️I want more for my business.

👑I choose to see the good in my nearest and dearest and focus on that.

🙂I am eating better and going to bed earlier.

😭If I need to cry I cry, if I want to laugh I laugh.

🌼I look at the things that upset me and decide the old story no longer matters and focus forward on the new story.

Time to move it move, I like to move it: FORWARD!


  • This is how I cultivate a good mood.
  • This is how I’ve released so much BS from my life.
  • Now I know that I still have more to implement and grow into. We all do!

By taking charge of my own life and giving myself permission to choose what works for me and take the actions and stick to those decisions my life has totally transformed

Letting shit go and releasing needs to be supported by someone who understands creating change in life. This is why I run my programme Embrace and do 1:1 coaching.

If you want me to help you release the old and welcome in the new, sign up below and I will email you a booking link for us to talk.

Fill in your deets and I will keep them safe and sound ❤️