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Trudi Pavlovsky

Massive vs incremental in the Quantum World. Or why massive quantum leaps aren’t always the answer.

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So much potential

Quantum leaping was introduced to me over the last six months. I’m sure it’s not a new concept to many but to me it was fabulous and fascinating and opened up the vision of my future potential. It tapped me into my purpose.

It gave my dreams scope.

I’ve always had the ability to see 10 steps in front. That’s why I’m able to create such expensive and safe containers for my clients to grow. I know to step them through the process and to not take leaps forward that are too big or so big that it becomes overwhelming or spikes the nervous system or causes sabotage.

Yet in this regard I sometimes haven’t followed my own process.

And there’s been little costs and big costs along the way.

A challenge with quantum leaping is the pressure it can create to go too big too soon. If you don’t have the systems in the processes and the cash flow in place you can end up burning your self out. And while I’m not burnt out and I’m OK with my cash flow because I missed a few steps in my excited rush to get to the big good stuff I’ve created some additional pressure that I don’t really need.

Yes I dream of supporting a global shift... but not at the cost of my happiness

Everyone talks about the power of thought and manifesting but theres steps to get to the level that you can manifest with ease and grace.

And everyone is different in this regard.

Going global with Global Sparkles is the end result but what I missed in my excitement and being egged on was the normalisation of Toorak Trudi and the income she created before going to a bigger income and a bigger vision.

Theres no shame in taking smaller steps to grow into who you already are in the quantum soup.

And you get to choose the level of growth.

Not everyone wants a global empire even if that is the vision that shows up for you.

Quantum leaping created some pressure in my relationships too. If youre leaping and those around you arent or not at the same rate, be aware of how those around you respond.

You do not have to leave them to get to where you're going, the key here is to include them.

So give yourself the gift of foresight and also give yourself the discernment of my hindsight. Quantum leaping is great but you want to no pressure to skip steps in the process.

Some tips :)

  • Have the big picture in mind for sure!
  • Review the steps to get there and make sure if you're leaping, you're not leaping any key parts in the process.
  • There's no pressure to do it all super fast.
  • Be aware of stress or feelings of overwhelm showing up, and don't ignore them.
  • If you're big leap is too big for your nervous system find a middle leap to aspire for.
  • Its your life to choose to live, choose what makes you happiest, most fulfilled and take care of yourself first.

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