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Three things you need for up-levelling boundaries and (typical me) it's not your typical answer.

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We say a lot online that people don't have boundaries or people get hurt because of lack of boundaries.

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Now there are the typical ways that people talk about this topic.

It’s all about communication, it's all about knowing your values, discussing things immediately when something happens instead of going away and stewing on what happened.

But what I want to talk about is in the up leveling of boundaries.

It’s creating a space where you're not even allowing in people that trigger off your boundaries or that upset that undermined you and go under what you think is an acceptable level for living.

And as usual, I like to look at things in a non typical way.

I want to look at the energetics of boundaries, and how you can create a space in your world where you don't attract ourselves into it.

I want to talk about identity decisions and certainties that will allow your energy to create a space where those people that want to trigger off your boundaries don't even appear anymore.

How cool would that be?

And that if those people are in your world, they don't upset you, or there's just no issue anymore, because that would be much better than having to constantly focus on implementing and pushing the boundaries and making sure the space is correct.

I want to start with identity.

If you are truly clear on who you are and how you want to show up, that of course is going to show up in your energy and in your vibration, right?

You may have heard me talk about what is for me will find me and what is not for me will fall away.

So energetically, if you're not a match for assholes, it's going to be kind of hard for them to really get into your space and into your world, or to trigger off an emotional response.

It really does start with you, you create your world.

Instead of worrying about communication and putting in rules, let's look within to how you show up.

How are you feeling about yourself?

How are you tied in with your identity, because if you have the identity that you're surrounded by assholes, and that you're never going to be surrounded by people that get you, of course, they're the people that you're calling in.

Because frequency will match.

What does that knob do?
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Let's start with I am the kind of person that is always surrounded by people that love me, get me care for me, that want the best for me and naturally respect me.

In that identity, you then form a decision.

So the next thing is the decision. I'm surrounded by good people.

And the more I focus on this, the more I'm creating in my own world.

For example: I don't get trolled online.

I don't get people coming after me, when where I do sometimes put posts up where I think there's going to be people out here that don't like what I've got to say, but I'm only ever supported in what I'm doing. Because my identity, my vibration and my decision has been made.

And in that decision comes certainty.

So identity, decision and certainty.

I am certain now that everything that I do, brings in the right people, and that in that certainty, I had the confidence to take the action to put up the controversial Facebook Live. It was one where in the past I could have had people coming after me because I actually just one of the most world famous personal development coaches, is a good salesperson and is not actually helping the people that they're claiming to help.

This is the thing. I've set the personal boundaries within me.

It's not relying on anything external.

I am fully at cause so the spiritual law of cause and effect, I am fully at cause with my life.

The occasional hiccup where the odd person here might slip by, but they don't stay around for long.

The better I get at my own identity and showing up with 100% certainty, making the decisions to be loved, adored, supported, and only accepting that in and making that my vibration and my frequency, energetically, I don't have to worry about what's going on with the other people around me, because I'm only attracting the right people.

A little bit of a different way to look at personal boundaries.

This has been on my mind for the last two or three days, and I was figuring out how best to articulate it.

Because if you go on the Google, you know, Google, Dr. Google gives you like seven ways to enforce your personal boundaries.

Android Phone
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It's like, No, I don't want to have to push them or enforce them.

I don't want to be looking at the effect of everything around me and responding to other people all the time, especially if they're not in the same space of me, which is elevate the energy and the vibration and the frequency of the whole frickin planet.

I have lofty ambitions, but just think about what's going on with you.

How are you creating?

How are you allowing in, how are you supporting people to come and smash your boundaries?

It does all start with you.

Let's up level now on boundaries.

Let's make a decision and go within.

  • Who am I how am I showing up?
  • What is my energy?
  • What is my purpose? Frequency, what is my identity?
  • Do I identify with being surrounded by assholes all the time?
  • Or do I now shift my identity and change that?
  • What decision do you need to make? And how to implement that level of certainty?

It's a daily practice.

I start with daily gratitudes.

I didn't start with my daily gratitude this morning,.

I was running around doing a few other things, and then I got cranky.

So I'm at cause for that.

I take responsibility.

My identity, vibration and beign at cause for my life, dropped a little bit.

I wasn't fully conscious and making right decisions and acting with a level of certainty.

It does all start with you.

Your inner world is reflected in your outer world.

Let's get those personal boundaries up levelled.

Let's go within and let's make it no longer surrounded by ourselves, because it's the absolute best feeling. I would love your thoughts on that.

If you know someone who's surrounded by assholes who probably needs to read this, tag them in the post, and feel free to share it on your socials.

Peace out everyone.

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