written by
Trudi Pavlovsky

What Happens When You Lose the Corporate Team?

Business Growth Phase Mindset 2 min read

For most of us we run solo businesses, still pretty lean and we might have a VA. Gone are our corporate days where we had a marketing Department, CFO, design departments and the CEO to manage it all.

All we needed to do was show up and do our small parts to keep the whole moving.

It can be such a shock when we first start a business to suddenly have to do everything.

We have to do the marketing, we have to do sales, it’s up to us. No longer a part of a big team we are the team… or are we?

In this day and age most people run a business to take all of the profit. That’s why we got into business to make money and there is no single thing wrong with that.

In the business coaching it can actually hold YOU back.

Business shouldn't feel like a struggle.

This is why This Chick Means Business, is a challenging the status quo.

You say "I’ve done the hard yards on my own." Which is code for "I’ve bounced from coach to trainer to single content piece download, to attempt to pull together a cohesive business, a business plan, business strategy"

And that can work.

BUT if the overall plan doesn’t fit the pieces you get from a whole heap of different specialist coaches, it can get quite messy and side effect of messy is you get slowed right down.

If you assessed your business right now, where are your gaps?

  • Your knowledge gaps.
  • Your gaps in confidence.
  • Your ability to make money

If you’re working 12 hours a day and doing all of the things and it’s still not making headway your system is broken.

Nobody wants a broken system.

But the usual system itself only offers that.

Imagine a place where you call it have an expert team, just like in your corporate days instead this time it’s all for you to make the money. It helps you find the clients. It shows you how to stand out online.

And a side effect of this? It grows in your business faster.

Here at This Chick Means Business we got tired of been slowed down and held back by coaches who only had a high-level understanding of what needed to be done. This is why we have created the expert team so they can deep dive with you into each business knowledge area and really fast track your results.

Not everyones system works for everyone, which is why we believe bespoke coaching packages, which develop and nurture your unique signature system are the way to move forward.

And if you’re not moving forward, you’re standing still. (Hopefully not going backwards.)

If you’re looking for business experts, that respect your individuality, your market and will treat your business like it’s their own, book in a confidential, hassle free chat to review your business goals and future plans: http://bit.ly/LetsTalkBizGoals

In this session your business will be audited, gaps identified and a bespoke coaching package crafted purely for you.

It’s time to go deep, to go far.

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